Sep 10, 2019 Петровац, Црна Гора

Petrovac, Montenegro

Hi guys!

This one's long overdue! But, here we are!

It was the end of June when my aunt came to visit and have coffee. Few minutes into talking and she said she came with a proposal! So it happened that she and my uncle have had a booked accommodation of 10 days in Petrovac, Montenegro. But, the catch was she was the only one of them two who could have all of the 10 days off work, whilst uncle could only afford 5. Another thing was that they've had a shared car, which uncle needed for work, so that left our aunt without a car to go on the holidays. So, she came with the proposal of us coming with her with our own car. It was such an exciting idea! But, we all had our own jobs as well. Few days of thinking and we have decided to give it a go! My mom had to stay tho and take care of the business, whilst dad and i went for 4 nights, and headed back home once the uncle arrived there.

Why I'm writing all of the background story? Well, beside the fact that this still is a personal blog as well as professional, I wanted to give it a bit of a personal touch. But, most importantly - the moral of the story was - I was really thinking a lot whether I should go or not. Not only 'cause I also had a shooting the day after we got back, so I could have only stayed for 4 nights, but for the fact that I wasn't sure just how much of a fun will it be. You guessed it right! It was LOTS of fun! I mean sure the fact that I have a super cool chill fam helps, but if you don't do it, you'll never know, right? I'm just so glad I've decided to go, you have no idea! Especially due to the fact that I haven't been anywhere for years now. And having a swim in the sea really made me forgot all of it! lol 

Alright, now shall we go back to the story! :) 

Road from Serbia to Petrovac. Ugh that has been a ride. Seriously! So many twisted roads and turns. We haven't been waiting on the Border that much tho, which was definitely a relief. Also - can i just point out how poorly done are our Serbian Borders?! I'd be surprised if even two people can manage to get inside that little box they call a Border. Ugh. Okay, I'm done with the rant.

Petrovac is a lovely little place within Budva Municipality in Montenegro. If you were to ask me, it's perfect for a family trip. If you're planning to party with your friends, this is definitely not the place to be! At least during our modest 4 nights stay, we haven't really seen any nightlife happening. But, that's exactly what I needed. Yes, I'm 23 years old, but I wanted a vacation. Not partying n' drinking until the sun comes up lol

Distance from airport Podgorica: 45 km ; Distance from airport Tivat: 37 km

Distance from Petrovac to: Budva (17km), Kotor (40km), Bar(21km), Ulcinj(48 km)


The coast isn't especially long. You can walk the whole coast within 25-30 min slow waking. Of course, there are lots of Cafe's (my favorite one was the one you can almost see in the first picture (on the end on left part of the promenade)), little pop up shops to buy goodies and souvenirs, food and everything in between. On the very right end of the coast there is a dock for ships and boats. There you'll be able to find people, usually pretty girls, with flayers and stands promoting their company's offers and services. If you plan on booking a boat or cruising with a ship, I would recommend you book your spot at least 12h earlier. But, of course if you're there last minute, don't be shy to ask, there usually are always few spots left. We were there within the midst of the season, and people were still able to book their spots last minute. I saw it happen! So, yeah!

As for the water of the sea - it was surprisingly very clean. There were some parts (mostly of the shore itself) dirty, and it was usually only when there were some larger waves. As for the waves, there weren't any bigger ones during our stay. It was pretty calm and nice for swimming. Of course that can change at anytime, but thought i'd be okay to mention. If you go cruising or rent a boat, you'll be able to swim in a stunning turquoise water. It was seriously so gorgeous! There are A LOT of sea urchins. Not that much alongside the beach in the lower swimming sea level, but a bit further ... lots of it! haha Actually saw ton of them on the coastline itself, but just near the harbor where all the boats are situated. So you won't be able to swim there anyway, but if you're eager to see some, you'll most probably see them there! 😊

If you're from Russia, you'll be very pleased with this place as 80% of the place offers Russian ... translation? When I say that I mean literally half of the shops had stands with both Montegerian, English and Russian written offers. Even in cafe's I've heard their waiters speak Russian. So, yeah, i think you've got the point! lol So you definitely won't be able to get lost in there! 

As for the accommodation I don't have anything special to say since as I mentioned before the accommodation was already booked by our aunt and uncle. But, all i'm gonna say is that we did not have WiFi so I had to buy data from my provider lol I know, I know, I was there for few days only, but i really had some important conversations happening through email, and i really needed it! 🤭

There are few markets where you can buy all the groceries you need. The bigger markets we've found were called VOLIClick here to get the Google Map directions.

In front of Petrovac are islands Katic and Sveta Nedelja with the church on the top. According to legend, it was built  by the sailor who escaped shipwreck and saved himself on the island. The church was recently renovated. The islands can only be reached by a boat. When we were there, there was this boat renting company that offered us a ride to the Island plus the opportunity to climb the steps and ring the bell in the church saying it's good luck.  🤭 We ended up renting the boat, but skipping the climbing and ringing part as we already saw the church up close in one of our previous cruising trips, so I can't guarantee for that good luck thing, but it's definitely a cute sight! 🤭🙈


Old Venetian Castello Fortress is a main attraction of Petrovac and its symbol.
Things you can see at the Fortress: An observation deck, Museum, cannon and stela. The museum has examples of the amazing Roman mosaics, murals and paintings. Some of the examples available at the museum date back to III century BC. The upper area of the ancient fortress has today became a memorial, where you can see a stela dedicated to the fallen soldiers of Montenegro as well as some of the residents of Petrovac during the Second World War. The top of the observation deck of the fortress offers a magnificent view of the sea, the bay and the town of Petrovac. In the midst of the holiday season in the building of a small fort each year a nightclub "Castello" opens (the only one of its kind in Petrovac). Apparently, occasionally there are some themed "Russian parties" and other fiestas aimed at the Russian-speaking Montenegrins and tourists. Visiting disco Castello, it is difficult to imagine that hundreds of years ago in the basement of the same fortress slaves were held, purchased for sale in developing countries. (

Unfortunately as i was there for only a short amount of time, i didn't had the time to walk a nice walking path through the woods my aunt found laterwards. But, judging by the pictures and videos she sent me it looks beautiful! And if start your 2km long adventures on time you'll be able to catch a magical sunset scenery. If I understood my aunt correctly you can simply ask someone for a walking path to 'Perazića Do' or to ask for a half built hotel "As" (spelt aass). There will be some dark tunnels involved, but as I said, the scenery of the Adriatic scene will be breathtaking!

Of course, if you're not quite of fan of walking and hiking, you can always rent a boat (I believe it was 20e for renting a boat to anywhere you want) and ask for this wonderful wild beach. Once again - Perazica Do. Another super popular wild beach within Petrovac is Drobni Pijesak. Again, there are water taxis/boats to get there, and if I'm not mistaken it's a 6 euro per person. 

Things to visit outside of Petrovac, but still close are Monastery Reževići & Queen's Beach in Sutomore. It is a much less exclusive (comparing to St.Stefan's Queen's Beach) beautiful sandy beach with extremely clean water and a nice little restaurant to chill. It is tho only accessible by a boat.

And of course Sveti Stefan. An extraordinary beauty which once again I had no time to visit properly *cries emoji*. We did tho went on a full circle 1h 40min cruise (it was also 6e per person) and that's when we had the chance to swim by it. Seems lovely! 🤭


A traditional event called "Petrovac's Night" is organised every year in Petrovac. Usually it takes place on the last Sunday in August, when many visitors can enjoy free seafood specialties from the grill, wine, beer and good music. It's said that these days are one of the most crowded days of Petrovac. So, if that's not your thing ... 😉🙊 At the evening all visitors can enjoy a concert of famous local bends and musicians from all over the region of Montenegro, followed by fireworks at the end of the ceremony.

In late June, there is an event called "Pasticada fest" organized by the Tourist Organization of Budva and Municipality of Budva. It is an event that promotes "pasticada", traditional coastal dish, with a rich music events and cute events for children.







Heading home we decided to travel during the day this time, as I really wanted to take some photographs of the Western Serbia as I heard it was pure gold. Boy was everyone right! If you're by any chance passing through Serbia on your way to Montenegro and the map says you're going through Zlatar and Zlatibor, make sure to plan few (at least photo) stops because the sights are beautiful! There are of course many more sights along the way, but these were all I could afford at the time 💫

That's it folks! Thank you for reading! See you in a next one!

xo's jv

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