Nov 9, 2018

Halloween Treats

Hello everyone,

Yes, I'm aware this post is 9+ days behind, but have decided to post it anyways!

Who knows, maybe you're throwing a scary themed party, so you'd use these ideas anyway! hehe Who am I kidding, right? ;)

Anyways, here are photos of some spookilicious treats we've made this year for Halloween.

I think they all speak for them self and in no need for further explanations, BUT if would like to read more details about them treats, click here to be redirected to my Instagram post of these very treats where i gave a brief explanation of what i made & how.  

(these are supposed to be witch nails lol)

And lastly, here are some adorable pumpkins muffins as seen on my Instagram. 

Thank you for reading,

Until next time,

xo's jv

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