Aug 9, 2015

Jovan , The Wanderluster

Jovan Vasiljević (Serbian: Јован Васиљевић, pronounced [ /yôʋaːn ʋasiʎɛʋitɕ/ ] ; born March 7, 1996) is a Serbian Photographer and Content Creator. Moved by The World around him, he tends on creating aesthetically pleasing content with hope it will inspire people to live a more happier life. Jovan shares his work on multiple social medias, but his main platform is Instagram, which is also a platform with the biggest following at the moment. Besides Instagram, Vasiljević has a personal and professional blog - United thoughts of a Wanderluster. The blog, created in late 2015 was suppose to be a kind of an online diary, with the each new page representing a memory of the latest travel adventure. Unexpectedly the blog changed direction, becoming more of a lifestyle and food blog, whereas alongside his travel stories, now he also shares posts regarding subjects such as food recipes and Do It Your Self projects.
Jovan’s love for photography came from his older sister, Jelena (Serbian: Јелена, pronounced [/yɛlɛnaː /]. She had a strong passion for photography as a teen as well, but which unfortunately, she wasn’t able to pursue at that time. Luckily, that little flame of passion she shared with her brother stayed with him ever since and finally sparked when the time was right. 
Vasiljević’s photography journey started when he was eighteen years old and has just gotten an iPad mini 1. Luckily for Vasiljević, the era of mobile photography was just about to happen, and the 5MP camera of his tablet was good enough to do the tricks! At the start of this journey, his style was very clean and sharp. The subjects of his camera were mostly daily activities, but he also had a spot for street style photography. As time passed, Vasiljević realized he also found love for food styling and food photography.
After many barter collaborations, in June of 2016, Vasiljević finally earned himself a paid collaboration with a renowned Serbian company - Bambi. It was the same month that Jovan finally bought a DSLR camera - Nikon D3200, accompanied by 18-105mm lenses. That’s after almost 2 years of photographing and branding with the tablet’s camera. 
Finally, almost two years later in April 2018, Jovan upgraded to a finer more professional DSLR - Canon 6D Mark II.
Ever since 2016, Vasiljević has been actively creating not only for himself, but also for other companies and individuals as well - finally stepping out of the Influencers world only.
As of July 2019, Jovan is officially a legitimate Photographer after registering a company named Callisto Photo. The company’s name is a result of his love for the moon and his favorite number - 3 (Callisto is the third-largest moon in the Solar System).
Vasiljević is currently best known for moody, fairytale inspired photos, usually featuring some eye-catching desserts and of course a motivational quote or two.

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