Aug 30, 2015 Вршац, Србија

Things to do, Places to see // Danina’s Corner Store

2017 UPDATE: Unfortunately, the place is closed. 😭😭😭

Hello guys! :)
So, i’m finally back home, and able to write. I have had so many inspirations last few days, but didn’t feel like bogging from my tablet. It’s just not the same, writers will understand:-p

I went to my cousins to kinda relax i don’t know, or simply change the view. It’s definitely boring over here at my town considering there’s like hopefully 5,000 people..

Most of the time to be honest i was laying around watching tv. Also, i think i will start watching “The Royals” even tho for now i think they suck lol But i really need some new tv show, and i feel like they'll do better in episodes to come. I watched only first one, so decided not to judge by the pilot. lol

That being said, my cousin had her sweet 16 on August 27th. But here in Serbia we don’t throw this glamorous parties or anything. We do that for 18. :) Anywhoo, i decided to treat her with something. I did have “Villa Breg” in mind, since i found out she hasn’t been there yet and it’s quite perfect. But it’s a long way walking there, and the sun was melting us enough already. So i saw this (for me new) pastry shop and learned she hasn’t gone there yet either, so Daninas Corner Store it was! :)

The shop itself is quite nice, but the prices are a bit high. It is affordable, but considering the location (quite small town), it is expensive. But interior is just amazing! It is way too pink, that i’ll say, but i like the way they used colors.I don’t know how to explain my feelings about it lol  What i’m trying to say is i think their goal wasn’t to make the place girly-girly, but a nice vintage pastry shop.  I must say if you ain’t fan of pink be aware! :-D  p.s.more text after photos

Oh yes, we ate waffles :)



Stairs are just making everything better!!!!


The same night she had a house party for friends, and we all had to be gone from the house lol I contacted my former High School friends from that town, but they weren’t able to meet me. Soo, as Geek as I am i found “Mushroom” . A game room (i think that’s whats called). The party was unitil 00h, after that they went outside. Conclusion, i played League of Legends from 20:30 - 00h (8.30pm to 12am). And those were best 3 hour spent ever! :D
That would be it! Thank you for reading, and hope you liked my quite small review of Danina’s Corner Store, which i would warmly recommend if you ever visit Vršac, Serbia! :-)  xo

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