Sep 1, 2015

Things to do, Places to see // TORO Latin GastroBar

It’s September guys!

My first 1st lol September that I’m not starting school, after freaking 10+ years!
Here in Serbia our elementary and High School starts always at the beginning of September, but College, at the beginning of October. So basically that means I’ve got 1 more month of summer break and then the hell begins. 😂😃

Anywhoo, I was in Belgrade with friends yesterday. Ana and I had to take a few assurances that we are students starting this semester. I’m not sure how this works in other countries, but this here stinks! If I already got my Students transcript, why on earth do you need more paperwork!? I will need this to get discounts on buses, libraries, dorm rooms.. Oh, and as for what college I’m going to, it's The College of Tourism! :)

After we finished all that we went to Toro Latin GastroBar, which was great! Definitely one of my new favorite spots in Belgrade! And now that I think about it, considering other restaurants' prices, it’s not so expensive. Originally, we thought that the prices were high ( tbh for drinks I still think they are), but food-wise I'd say the pricing was "regular". 

But, the interior is definitely tasteful. And the place is just huge! It is located at Beton Hall, the beautiful place I wrote about recently... Enjoy the photos! Thanks for reading, XO



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