Sep 11, 2015

Things to do. Places to see // Dolce by Tintolino Family

Yesterday friends and I went to Belgrade to find new place to live in from October and finish up some other stuff. You can read about it in my previous post. On this post i’ll be putting all focus on this new place we discovered, called Dolce by Tintolino Family. It’s something like pastry-cafe shop. You can find all sorts of cupcakes and sweets there. It is a bit expensive, but it’s definitely affordable. I definitely recommend you to pay a visit. Now, less talk, more photos. 😏😋😍


(this last photo is not taken by me, i found it online, since i didn’t get any nice shots of this side lol Source is here! )

If you wish to see their official Facebook Page, click here!

To find them on Google Maps, here’s the ink. :)

Thanks for reading, stay sweet. xo 

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