Sep 16, 2015

Events // 'The World Of Coffee'

Woohoo! I was one of few instagrammers/bloggers to be invited to this promotion, so I’m kinda honored *full blush* Anyways, the promotion took place in Cafe DonCafe - place I already blogged about! ;-) 

The atmosphere was just amazing! I even got to meet new instagrammers, which is kinda awesome, right? 😃 If you are wondering a bit of atmosphere, do not worry, photos are coming of course! :) 

If you wish too see the full album and atmosphere, you can do it by clicking here, and be redirected to their Facebook Page. 

There was few tables fully and may I add, beautifully decorated for our artistic soul there. It was quite pleasure photographing it.

Not very proud of how I look on this, but meh.

If I understood right, all 3 of them already knew each other from last event similar to this. Guy above me is Stefan, girl on my right (it was actually my lef wat) is Renata from RendziCookies, and the girl above her is Aleksandra from WithInstaLoveAlex . As you can guys see I linked them so be sure to check them out. We had wonderful chat drinking  wonderful cocktail-ice tea-something (lol) and coffee of course! We also had adorable sandwiches and cakes to make everything even better! :D
 Our friend Alex actually fell down from chair. It all happened so quick, but yet so slow. We were all shocked of course, but she was getting up all laughing like ain’t nothing. Lol had to mention this in case I ever forget it :p .

If there are any Serbians here reading, you can order Yours from this page here and pay cheaper as you purchase it online.

lol this is Renata carefully photographing ! :D

Thank you for reading, XO

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