Sep 26, 2015 Banatski Karlovac, Serbia

Autumn, Art & Poetry

Unfortunately I have to say I won’t be attending the Art part of the evening.. This event was already organized also in my town Banatski Karlovac, when we had our Festival days back in mid summer. But I’ve come to realize today that  the (Day) Night of Art & Poetry lasted way longer, and there were many more contestants then earlier. But, I think this time they made it as a little competition. But, everyone got a Certificate of Appreciation, which is lovely.

Poetry part (which Maria and I photographed) started at 14h.We were not there the whole time, ’cause our friend who was firstly asked to take photos made it. So basically we were there to cover for him for an hour. But, I don’t regret wasting my time there, because it wasn’t wasted at all! :-D

Contestants as you can see are mostly older. There was a lot of men and women, all ages, who created so many beautiful poets. Many of people weren’t from my town (which is awesome to see they would travel so much for this), so I was actually kinda and somewhat proud of these people.. 

I love going to events like this, because they definitely all inspire me to create. I wish I had an video or two, so you could at least understand their emotions, if not words they say. (since it’s on Serbian). I really recommend you pay a visit to events similar as this, 'cause I'm sure you'll be somwhat inspired.

I hope you all are having a lovely Weekend, and if not cheer up, you’re amazing! 

Thanks for reading, & enjoy the rest of photos. xo

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