Oct 20, 2018

🍂 9 fun things to do when you just can't anymore 🎃

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all doing well!

If you've been following my journey lately on whichever social media lol you might have noticed that i've had quite an emotional rollercoaster. I was either extremely happy, or just bumped down for no reason. Anywho, we're not here to talk about my anxiety episodes lol 

What I wanted to write about today are (as the caption says obi) the fun things you could do to keep your head somewhat entertained! This post was actually inspired by one of the episodes from season 2 of The Bold Type tv show where one of the characters Jane Sloan had an assignment to write the same article. And I thought - why not!? This could be fun! 😁

And with that said, I'll start up my list with a number 1 thing - which is drum rolls ... Netflix & chill

There's no better thing to do to unwind form whatever is going on in your life then to turn on your favorite series and binge watch your feelings! Not super healthy, but who cares right!? Way healthier then eating your feelings, right? lol

Currently watching: Riverdale, You, The Bold Type & finally catching up Grey's Anatomy!!

But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't 😜 Which brings me to my number two on the list! Bake Boss!! Yass! Whether you're skilled in kitchen or not (don't read this between the lines 😂) you are sure to have some fun with this one! Maybe even more entertaining if you're not skilled! And of course, if your friends are up to it, make sure to invite them for this baking session and the fun is guaranteed! 

Number 3 (fun fact - my favorite number) would be to take all this food outside and make a lovely picnic! Find a cool spot somewhere on the hills or in your local park and enjoy your me time the best way (that's in case you haven't decided on inviting your friends (which you should by the way)).

Next up, something way healthier! Go jogging, or try some home workouts. Even if you're not planning on starting to regularly exercise, trust me you'll most probably love this! But, i guess the best of these two is jogging. Bring your headphones (or not - sometimes it's even better to just listen to the nature (i guess it depends where are you going, and basically which type of a person you are (if you still have figured that one out, simply bring them headphones just in case))) and just run! If you're extremely keen on these things, you can at least take your bike or roller skates (In-Line skates) and have some fun that way!

ROAD TRIP!!! For number five, pick up your family and take them on a fun little road trip! There's most probably that rad little place nearby you always wanted to visit, but never did! Well, now's the time! Or if you feel like having some alone time, you can always hit the road solo! Or go solo camping! But, in that case make it more fun & cozy! Bring some favorite blankets and pillows, your go to food, books, and of course don't forget about fairy lights or lanterns! Or you can download (or bring a hotspot/wireless data) your favorite series and combine number 1 & 5 and live your best life! 😜 p.s. no you don't have to bring huge pumpkins as well, that was just me being my casual extra self lol

Another thing you can do is give your home a seasonal makeover! Lately i've been constantly changing things up in my home, and it's actually quite fun! Tho I must say i wasn't really running home to make it more Autumn-ish this year, on the end i finally did (at least my home office corner) and i was super happy once i finished. If you're not really into spending to much cash into your home, you can always search for some fun DIY and entertain yourself to the fullest! One of the ideas you can do, that's basically free, but will definitely give your room a super Fall-ish touch is to duct-tape the leaves onto your wall. But, there's just a small catch - and that's that firstly you'd need to press your leaves for like, I don't know, a few days - a week. I mean, you don't need to, but it will be much prettier this way! 

Now, for some more friendly activities I'd advice giving your grandparents a surprise visit! Even if you're regularly coming to visit, or you do it once a month or whatever, take a walk/a ride and surprise them! You can even make some cookies/food/buy them coffee or whatever you'd think might put a smile on their face and just have a lovely time!

We live in a world where we really don't have too much times on our hands, and often is when we seek our siblings/acquaintances is when we need something, some kind of a help, favor and so on. So, it's really nice to pay them a visit, or give them a call just for no certain reason! If you can't go to your grandparents, remember some old high school friends, knock on your neighbors doors, or call your siblings you haven't heard in months from! if you're worried about your Ego, don't. That's all i'm gonna say. It doesn't matter who was the first one to say hi. Ugh.

For the last spot i've saved a not very pocket friendly activity lol it's shopping! It's always great idea! Whether you're a man or woman, teen or adult. We love (and should love) rewarding ourselves! Or you can even surprise your closest with a cute little gift. Whatever it is. Even a cliche "best friends forever" mug, coming out of the blue from someone is much better then receiving it only at a certain occasions such as birthday or christmas! 

Or if you're out of money, saving up or simply can't cut the budget more, you can totally just go window shopping, and make a little shopping list for when you have enough money to buy! That way at least you'll save yourself some time! Cause i'm writing this having in mind you have some free time to spare, and it's usually when we have money to spend, we don't have the time and vice versa lol 


annnnd a bonus little activity isss PUMPKIN CARVING! DUH! 🎃 

That's all for this post!

Hope you liked my suggestions! 

Have a fun weekend,




  1. :) Cake Boss! I used to watch it in Buenos Aires when I came home after long working days! I never saw while living in Austria! Great inspirational post!

    1. hehe yes such a fun show!! thank you so much Mariana! xx

  2. Bas lepi predlozi, posebno mi se svideo onaj za dekorisanje kuce u jesenjem stilu. Nasa mama uvek sezonski dekorise, ali Isi i ja nisamo bas nadarene za to hahaha. I naravno prelepe slike, nema ti ravnih za lifestyle!


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