May 25, 2020

Masaru Emoto (Apple) Experiment

Hi, hello and welcome :)

If you've been following me on Instagram last year, you may remember I did this experiment with an apple? Maybe you remember a cool Cinderella-inspired photoshoot? Well, anywho -  I'm here to talk more about it!

In the last few months of 2019 I've stumbled upon Manifestation and Law Of Attraction. It hasn't been the first time I've heard of this term of course, but for some this time it stuck with me.

For quite a while now I've been following this Russian-Australian Photographer Annie Tarasova. It also happens she also does lots of arts & crafts as well, which naturally I've been loving a lot. And I couldn't wait for myself to be able to order something out of her shop. And finally back in November I was financially stable enough and I ordered myself a gorgeous looking book called Manifest. At that time I believe I already watched one or two videos on Law of Attraction by accident, but for some reason the name of the book really didn't make me think about that. It was just a beautiful book, and as a Photographer I have to admit sometimes I'd just buy a book with a nice cover just for the sake of props ... But, I also really wanted to support Annia's small business. Anywho - I got the book and was eager to go through its pages. I started reading and I was loving it! Quickly I came on to this page about Dr. Emoto Masaru and here's what it said:

"Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that when water is exposed to Positive thoughts, (when frozen) it formed beautiful crystals, while water exposed to Negative thoughts formed no crystals or even deformed, ugly crystals. Following from that, he concluded that our thoughts have a direct impact on the molecules within the water ... "

Now, average human body is made up from around 50%-60% of water. Just think about it. If our thoughts can do that to water, then imagine what can and what ARE we doing to ourselves and others. Every single day. With each thought we can choose to either nurture ourselves (and others) or be the villains, so to say.

I mean, to be quite honest, I'm not sure how much of this theory is correct. But, it IS quite logical. And my results are astonishing.

Attached below is the 30+ day process! From start to midpoint and finish!


Astonishing isn't it?

Well, imagine coming to school or work every day and getting told you're a loser. Every single day. That isn't gonna have you feel good about yourself. Nor have you be motivated to come to the same school/work each day. Or worse, to wake up at all ... Now, imagine it it's the other way around. Imagine yourself getting praised and complimented every now and then. Truly imagine it. Ugh, is that a smile on your face? Well it certainly would be if my point of scenario is correct. You would be eager to come to such work environment. You'd be motivated to be even better and do amazing things. You'd be motivated to treat others better as well, because you know how much good it does to you. From the inside.

When you are happy, you make others feel happy as well. I'm sure some scientists somewhere proved that. Jokes aside. It's your energy. Your vibration. That seems to be the key ingredient. You must have been in a situation where no words were needed. When the vibes were simply good enough. It's because our energy IS incredible. And energy comes from our thoughts. And energy can be loud.

Of course, as I said in my Instagram post - I'm not saying stop being sad if you're sad. That's unhealthy, and probably not even possible. Emotions are magic. And we can't just switch them off per our will. But, if you're feeling sad or feeling any negative thoughts, just try to think about the good times. Try to think about the positive things. Be grateful for all the things, the people, that you do have. At the moment. And don't be shy with it. Say gratitude for literally every single thing. Say your thanks for being able to read. For being able to have sight/to see, to hear, to taste. For being able to climb the mountains if you happen to want to. Express gratitude for even waking up in the first place. Because so many people don't. Say thank you Universe for all my friends and family who love me and support me. Say thank you to YOURSELF. For being strong, and brave. For not giving up even in all that hardship.

Trust me - I know! It can seem weird and funny. But, what this does to you it raises your vibrations. Raises your positive energy. And you WILL feel better. 

Hope this post was somewhat inspiring.

Don't forget to be kind. Today and every day.

Until next time,


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