Nov 22, 2015

Things to do, Places to see // Tanker

So this is actually a Pub & Restaurant near my apartment. It's literally 5 minutes away. And friends and I are passing by it almost daily. We were always appealed by it's exterior, and always wanted to go, but never of course found the time. ..

2 weeks ago, Anna's boyfriend came to Belgrade, so two of them went to Tanker. Andrea and I were thrilled to see if it's worth our coming (hahah just kidding), and they said we definitely must visit. 
Of course you don't need to ask us twice. Already this week we decided to go. 
At first we sat on first floor, right as we entered the cafe. But, minute after, we decided to move upstairs lol Luckily waiter haven't already seen us sit downstairs. We already knew how beautiful interior was, since the windows are transparent. But, as we were walking upstairs, we were only amazed how different and more beautiful interior is upstairs. It's a second world really. It's like you walk into a small mountain cabin, but stylish and vintage you know :) 

Unfortunately, i don't have many photos of different corners, because as I stood up to take some photos, weiter said to me that photographing the interior is actually forbidden. Yeah, first time I've heard that, but I respected, well almost. :) 
Later on the post, You can see some of the corners, and that would be all. Thank you for reading, xo

Here's their whereabouts! :)


  1. Where do you get these amazing pictures it is a treat to watch :) :)

    1. Oh, wow, you're too kind! Actually photography is kinda my thing, so you can already guess that I took them! So it means a lot really! Thank you! xo


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