Nov 27, 2015

Kragujevac, Manasija Monastery, Ravanica Monastery

"To love your country, you must first know her."

With those words my professors started our College trip with. Hey there! :)

Itinerary for this trip my lovely friends! 

Belgrade - Monastery Manasija - Monastery Ravanica - Kragujevac - Belgrade

Monastery Manasija  (click on for Wiki info!:) Also, click on photos to enlarge)

Monastery Ravanica  (click on for Wiki info!:) Also, click on photos to enlarge)

Kragujevac (click on for Wiki info!:) Also, click on photos to enlarge)

(This was the Cafe friends and I had our tea (which i spilled all over myself and my friend by the way!)) Oh and they had the coolest music playlist, starting with 2 songs of Paloma Faith in a row! .. Oh and sh#t, I forgot it's name! 😂

These 2 monuments are called "Spomenik palim Šumadincima"  or literally translated in English "Monuments to fallen Šumadian people" . But I''m not sure this is ever used in official language lol

Special dedication in this post of course goes to the famous  "Kragujevac October" Memorial Park ! Unfortunately our trip wasn't organised the way that allows us much time here, so i only have some of the photos.. 

There are several monuments in the park: the monument to the murdered schoolchildren and their teachers (the "Interrupted Flight" monument), the "Monument of pain and defiance", the "One hundred for one" monument, the "Resistance and Freedom" monument, and the monument to shoe cleaners, are some of the best known.  If you're interested in more history i linked one of previous lines as you can see! So be sure to check it out! 

(Interrupted Flight monument) 

So I'm really starting to get why my professors said what they said! Serbia really can be a beautiful place! We have so many great heritages, it's unbelievable! I had such a great time that day, if we consider the fact i still got only 7/10 points for my assignment, but eh! I saw so much! :) 

That would be all my dear readers! Going to get a haircut and fall asleep into my bathtub! 💬😂

Thanks for reading, until next time! xo


  1. Oooh Manastir Ravanica! I´ve been baptized there! :) Greetings from Vienna

    1. Yes! It's quite beautiful there! And wow, that's so cool! Luck you!

      Greetings my friend!! xo


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