Oct 25, 2015

Šabac & Cer Mountain 🗺⚐

So, yesterday on Saturday, I went to my very first field trip with College. Our trip was Belgrade-Šabac-Mountain Cer-Varna-Šabac ! For this trip i have had an assignment to make an itinerary. Even tho it was the first time I ever done one, I was pretty satisfied with it! :p Anyways, in the end, I'm sure our professors didn't even look at them, since they weren't graded. Our grade/points were based on what and how we talked about in the bus, on the way to Šabac. I definitely not satisfied with how I was graded, since it was totally unfair, but I won't talk about it, because I am going to ask to be graded again (I'm just so complicated, yes) 

First stop as said was Šabac. We visited this historical Church from the first pic, and more photos to come.. :) 

I'm pretty sure this is forbidden, but I really had to take at least one shot!

So, I had to mention this photo, not to show You that Church's Tower is in reconstruction, but to tell you a quite small story. So, our guide and we were standing below this construction, and she was telling a story. In some moment after some sounds from above, a guy from a group jokingly asked something like "Are you sure we shouldn't move from here?", and our guide was all like "No, everything here is fully secured." And then, few minutes passed by, when huge hammer fell down from reconstruction above...Yeah, so If someone was standing just a few metars to the reconstruction they would have been dead now. Workers from above were then yelling at us, like, why are we standing there, are we normal and stuff, like it was our fault their hammer fell down. He was like "Get out, i don't want to serve jail time because of you" .. Oh..

So, after Šabac, we left to visit Tekeriš.

This is The Monumental Complex "For The Serbian Heroes", dedicated to ones who died in "The Battle of Cer". Our College brang the Memorial Wreath and small candles for all students to light one. I found that really nice. 

Next stop was one of my favorites, 'cause I got so many awesome shots there lol It's Called Vila Albedo, located in Varna (Šabac). You can click on each one to enlarge them, and also be sure to check out my VscoCam gallery, for even few more photos! ;-) 

This would be all! Thanks for reading my friends, xo and have a great new week! :-)


  1. Really cool photos :) I'd love to go to Serbia one day...funny story about the flying hammer and good that no one got hurt! :')

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot!
      And If you ever come to Serbia, we should totally meet! I would say to show you around, but I'm definitely not an expert for that! lol
      And yes, we were all so luck!


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