Sep 3, 2018 Голубац, Србија

Ram & Golubac 🏰🌙✨

Haii! 😋

Welcome to another travel post! Finally! 

Over the weekend I went visiting a few spots in Serbia, some of which were on my bucket list for so long! And I was honestly blown away by how beautiful it is! 

My aim during this little road trip was the Golubac Fortress.  As you may or may not know, I'm still enrolled at the College of Tourism, and I've been hearing about this Fortress like A LOT! And after seeing the photos, I must admit my Instagram obsessed little self was in awe! lol

 To get there from my home, taking the fastest route was actually going through the Danube with a little ferry help. At first, I thought this is only going to be a side problem, BUT when we arrived at the ferry station and actually jumped on board ... Ah, I couldn't have been more wrong! Sailing through the Danube for those 10-15min ended up being one my favorite highlights of this road trip! The only problem was actually that it was the first day of September when we set sailed this adventure, which meant that the ferry timetable changed! They had removed the ferry ride at 19h (7pm), and now the last one was at 17h (5pm). That meant we had to cut this trip even shorter! 😪 
I believe that the ferry ride this season cost us about 10e. We had a car with us.  

To see the timetable of the ferries, click here. The site's in Serbian, and whilst there is an option to go English and even Deutsch, this page was still not translated (at least in the moment of writing this post). But, the timetable is very simple. Goes from January - December. But, if you need any help, don't hesitate to contact me and i'll help you out! :)

We arrived at Ram very quickly. We actually didn't plan on staying too long, but once we were there we decided to walk around a bit and explore this area as well. Unfortunately, the Ram Fortress is still under construction. We've had the luck the meet one very kind man, who offered to give us a little exclusive tour of the Fortress. He gave us a bit more information about the constructions that are in the works. I believe he said that they've started last July and are suppose to finish it this October! So, if you're planning on going next year, it should be finished and open for visitors! Also, fun fact - the sponsors for this reconstruction is actually Turkey! They have apparently invested about 1million euros in this reconstruction! Çok teşekkür ederim Turkey! 😁

fun fact no2., Ram counts only about 250 residents!

A little bit about The Ram Fortress [taken out of Wikipedia]

The Ram Fortress is situated on a steep slope on the right bank of the River Danube. The place first finds its reference in Trajanic times as a settlement where the cavalry units were stationed. In the year 1128 CE, it is mentioned as being in the area where the Byzantines defeated the Hungarians. Sultan Bayazid II (1480–1512) built the present fortifications of Ram Fortress, in the form of a regular pentagon designed to withstand cannon warfare. The side towards the land has a low wall with a wide moat in front of it. Apart from the place, where the fortress is entered, there are four corner towers. Masonry fireplace – rare in the medieval buildings of this region – are preserved in them. The interior of the fortress was demolished during the Koca rebellion in 1788, and a caravanserai, which is built in the same way as the fortress, is found in its vicinity.

Anyways! Afterwards, the kind man gave us some directions for the Golubac Fortress and we were back on the road! I must say if you're going with this route, it's gonna be a very bumpy one for the first 10-15min lol The road isn't the best, and you're gonna have to drive slowly since at point you'll have the right turn at a veeery narrow and almost hidden path lol Afterwards, the road is beautiful again! You can see the massive Danube river on your left and the hills of Romania as well! We've also passed through the Silver Lake, and found it very charming like! My sister was there last year for her Holidays, and she wasn't very satisfied with it. At least with the water. But, as far as we were concerned as passing-through visitors only (lol) and looked nice! 

And about 48 minutes later lol We've arrived at the Golubac city!

Golubac is also quite a small village. We actually hadn't had anymore time to just go and explore it by walking, since our ferry ride, BUT i did see a beautiful shore that i just had to take photo of! So, we made a quick stop, shoot a bit there and then continued our ride to the Fortress.

( I mean who doesn't go random barefoot for the 'gram right? 😂)

The first thing i did upon arriving was use the toilet LOL But, seriously if you ever get to know me in person, you'll see i go to the bathroom all the time! lol Anywhooo! The entrance is free and open for everyone! The little flaw is that there is no restaurant. I believe the restaurant would be a great deal over there! Especially for people like us who drove so many hours just to get there. So, that's the tip of this part of the post lol Eat well before the trip, or plan some time for afterwards! There IS a Cafe tho! So, if you feel like refreshing with some beverage, that's cool! And of course a cute little goodies shop! I love buying things from the locals, and especially the little fridge magnets! I also ask all my friends and family who travel to get me one (i'm kinda addicted to them lol). We were able to take some pretty decent shots! There wasn't even many people, so i guess i was in luck!

Another tip: Since Golubac Fortress is also under reconstruction at the moment, the visiting hours inside the Fortress are limited only to Sunday (when workers have a day off i believe). So yeah! We were there on Saturday, so unfortunately we weren't able to go inside, but it was beautiful! 😊

Also, not pictured - the strong wind blowing the hat off my head. Me dropping everything, my camera, my phone, the map and running around like crazy! lol It actually dipped a bit in the river, and i lost my mind! 😂 But, seriously guys! If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love my hats, and especially this one! It's my fav! I bought it on sale for like 10e. I should have bought two! lol Anyways! Another funny story is when my mom was taking a picture of me, and we heard people talking about a certain map going around the Fortress. OF COURSE it was our map! lol So, i pretty much spent some quality work out time running around the Fortress collecting my things! 😅

A little bit about the Golubac Fortress [ Wikipedia ]

The Golubac Fortress was a medieval fortified town on the south side of the Danube River, 4 km downstream from the modern-day town of Golubac. Golubac Fortress has had a tumultuous history. Prior to its construction it was the site of a Roman settlement. During the Middle Ages, it became the object of many battles, especially between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. It changed hands repeatedly, passing between Turks, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, and Austrians, until 1867, when it was turned over to the Serbian Knez, Mihailo Obrenović III. Now, it is a popular tourist attraction in the region and a sightseeing point on Danube boat tours.

Since we haven't had eaten anything for the whole day, on our way home we decided to take a lunch break in the lovely Silver Lake area. We were surprised to see how many people there was! Actually throughout the whole day there were really a lot of people (on the road). Especially foreign ones. Most of the car plates were from Romania & Austria, but we've seen few other countries as well!

Well that would be all for today's post everyone! Hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat useful!

Thank you for reading,

xo, jv

p.s. for some seven more photos, check out my Pinterest, or my Highlights over on my Instagram! Of course, the pictures will be under the Highlight named Travel.


  1. I'd love to explore there too! Waiting already your next adventure!

  2. Ovim travel postom sam odusevljena, Jovane. Fotke su odlicne i stvarno bih voljela posjetiti ovo mjesto. Stvarno je nestvarno lijepo. :)


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