Aug 9, 2018

Instagram Editing Apps / Instagram Stories

EDIT: When i first started writing this post I wanted to make it about Instagram as a whole, but I've decided to split this post in two parts! Instagram Stories / Instagram Posts

Hello, hello! 

Alright, this one's for all of you who ever slid me a DM asking for IG tips & tricks. 

The day has come.

 After more then a year of having this post in a draft and hundreds of single answered DM's I'm creating this post to make it all easier for everyone! 💫✌ I know, there were probably few of the people I haven't answered, but please don't take it personally. I'm not the 'grammer who gets 50+ dm's per day, but sometimes i do get a lot them, and just don't really have the time the answer them all individually. Because I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to do things in a halfway manner. I'd rather take 5 minutes and write you as many details as I can, then just write something like "Hi, I use Lightroom & VscoCam. K. Bye" To my fellow Instagrammers - my apologies if you're the one doing things this way. I' not saying you're a bad person or anything, but I just prefer doing it this way.

Anyways! Now that I've explained myself, let me get started.

First of all, I'll talk about Instagram Stories. I think that I even get more enquiries about the way I create stories then the actual posts, so here it is! Before I start making a list, of course Adobe Photoshop is one of the programs I also often use - But, this is dedicated to apps! So here we go!

Most certainly, the gold medal goes to the one and only Unfold: stories

I accidentally discovered this app literally within a week or so since their launch. And I have been using it ever since. This app offers various of Story sized templates with many different options such as texts with few different fonts, and just recently they've done a collaboration with Unsplash. A place on the Internet that's offering completely free HD wallpapers donated by photographers worldwide. In fact, you yourself can be one of them as well. Anyways - back to Unfold. This collaboration offers us an option to choose any of the wallpapers as a background to any of the templates with that kind of option. The app also offers an option to import videos alongside photos as well. You can have a still image in front, with a video or cinemagraph moving in the back. Or reverse. All you have to do is be creative! ✨ 

The app is free, but offers in app additional templates purchases. 

p.s. this is the app with the vintage polaroids frames! ;)

Here's a little example of what could come out of Unfold!


- Download Links -

      Apple App Store           ☼              Google Play Store

The next app is called 8mm Vintage Camera.

This app was a blast one time. I mean, it still is, don't get me wrong. But, first few weeks of posting there literally wasn't a day someone had asked 'What App/Filter is this'? lol 
This app allows you to film and/or import & convert an video into a Vintage looking film with various color filters & sound filters as well. It also gives you the possibility to add music in the background, with an option to leave the background sounds in, or simple mute them. I think it's an simple, but quite a neat option, since leaving the background sounds such as strong wind or i don't know, the sound of a busy traffic or something can be quite a nice touch to the retro feels the app offers.

Unfortunately, this app only comes for IOS devices & costs 1.99$ without a need of additional in-app purchases. 

- Download Link -

On to the third app, i'm presenting you Pixlr

I'm using this photo in various ways & on different occasions. For example I've used it in the past when i wanted to make a quick 'Text only' kind of story, using one of many, many cool fonts they offer. I've also used it to create collages before Unfold, or when Unfold doesn't do the trick. But, funny thing I don't use the option 'College' that there is, but i use another cool tool called 'Double Exposure' and simple add different snaps on it. I don't use it too often anymore, but i like having it. The tools i tend to use the most at the moment are Blur when blurring the whole background & then the Text option to write a message over that blurred new BG. And of course, I use the 'Doodle/Brush' tool when i'm in a need of a clean one-colored-new background to work with within the app. 

A little Insta tip - When on Instagram Stories Creation, click the brush tool and hold the screen for few seconds and the brush tool will work like a bucket fill tool and will fill the whole page/story/picture with the chosen color.

The app is free, and offers a one in-app purchase of removing the watermark.

- Download links -

    Apple App Store            ☽              Google Play Store

Fourth coming is the app that is actually pretty awesome, but just honestly randomly came in as fourth lol I used to use it ALL the time last year.  The app is called Hype Type.

What this one does is that it lets their users effortlessly create a stunning short animation. Such as a cool blog post alert, or a nice little intro of whatever it is you're introducing your followers to lol Basically you can add a photo or a video, add the music in the background and of course the main part, add some pretty cool text. For example, the text you add can be floating, or swiping, or fading in and out et cetera et cetera. It maybe sounds like nothing special, but trust me once you get a hold of it, you won't stop using it! lol

Hype Type is free to download, but has different in-app purchases. The cost of removing watermark is 1.99$. But, the watermark isn't even too visible. 

- Download Links -

      Apple App Store           ☼              Google Play Store


Hyperlapse from Instagram joins next on the list! 

This app is pretty simple, and doesn't have any complicated, well nor any other options then making a timelapse. Why did i put it on the Instagram Stories list? Well, 'cause I love making time lapses, but I only share them on my Stories from time to time. Plus, it comes in handy if you're doing a quick haul of i don't know all the goodies you received or whatever lol Or if you're an artist who's drawing and you just want to speed up the video so your followers wouldn't fall asleep or just swipe right after seeing 100+ stories lol 

The one flaw i don't like, is that you can import old videos and just speed them up. It has to be live, and all done in the moment. As soon as you record it, you choose how much you'd like the speed the video up and you're done. You CAN tho click 'Edit later' and well edit it later lol

This app surprisingly (since it comes directly from IG) comes only for IOS. It's free to download.

- Download Link -

Apple App Store

Another cool editing app i've had for quite some time now is A Design Kit.

It offers a kind of artistic editorial vibes. It has some really nice fonts & what i especially love using are the very realistic looking brushes. And my favorite are definitely designs and shapes whose color you can adapt to a background or choose one of many beautiful textures as a color instead.

This app is unfortunately only available on IOS as well.
It costs 1.99$ and offers additional in-app package purchases.

- Download Link -

The final app to recommend is the app called InShot. 

I've actually only recently downloaded this app. I've seen it over my amazing & talented IG friend Esmee Rudolf  (click the name to check her out) and just started playing around with it. Thanks Esmee! Seems pretty cool for now! 

You can cut/trip videos, add music, voice over,  add pretty cool filters, effects and so on! So far my fav video filters are Noise & glitch. 

This app is free to download, but has many in-app purchases.

- Download links -

    Apple App Store            ☽              Google Play Store

Bonus App: Instants

This cool app allows you to simply put your photos in different kind of Polaroid frames. I used it only few times. But, thought it'd be cool to mention it here! ✌😇

It's free to download and offers additional in-app purchases.

Available only for IOS.

- Download Link -

✧ ✧ ✧

Oh my Gosh!

Wow! I've been writing this for SO long. 

But, okay, hopefully you'll like it and will find it helpful! 

I can't promise I'll keep it updated, but i'll definitely try! I mean, we all know how these things change quickly, so yeah! 

If you have any cool apps to recommend, please don't be a stranger! Drop a comment, DM me on Instagram or shoot me a mail at 

Kindest regards, thanks for reading & I'll see you in second part of this post very soon! 

* this post is NOT sponsored in any way


  1. Love to read about how you edit for stories! I mainly use Spark. I have used some that you mentioned but definitely I have to try some others. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, never heard of Spark! Gonna have to check it out! Thanks! Glad you liked the post! x


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