Sep 29, 2017

do it yourself : hanging frame X desk situation

Hello everyone! 

How'ya all doing? 

If you've been following me on Instagram  you'may remember that one time I asked the world where can find (or make) my self a hanging frame. Yes, I know it was like thousand days ago. But, I have been super busy, and we were postponing redesigning my room the whole summer, and my beautiful poster was just standing there rolled up. And now that we have finally finished with the room, and I got the whole white wall all to myself, I knew I had to do something! And while scrolling through Etsy, I stumbled upon one calendar shop and then It hit me! Oh my Gosh! This is so easy! lol And not to believe it, but it indeed was! You know those ( well most of the times ) when you see something and you're like "this is going to be super easy man" and then it takes ages ... well, yeah, this is really not the case! 😁

Anyways! You'll need literally the simplest things ever! Which includes: 

- Cardboard (in a size of your poster)
- and a poster! :) 

I've quite a piece of a cardboard, so had to cut mine. What's best recommended for cutting cardboard is scalpel, but to be honest that didn't work well for me for some reason, so I used scissors and it was just okay. But, no really, just okay, it wasn't that good 😂 Buut, it does the job, trust me! As a perfectionist I am, I literally used all the tools from the photo above, and yet the cardboard wasn't in perfect size. So, I figured it was better to have centimeter less then to have cardboard popping out. And it works just fine! :) 

The job is quite simple as you can imagine!

 Place your poster on poster-size cardboard, and simply put the bulldog clippers on the top on both left and right side. I also used super tiny clips ( like those often use to hang polaroids on ropes ) on the bottom of the poster, also on both left and right side. Just to be sure, since my poster was kinda too rolled, that it couldn't have been fully straighten (and trust me, I've tried). 
Then, just take the thin rope and just pull it through the small hole on the bulldog clipper. Voila! 

That's literally all! 

Now, If you still haven't drank all of your coffee/tea, stick on the blog just for a minute more. I've prepared few detailed shots of my new desk, featuring why of course some autumn vibes 🍂🍁🎃

First of all, the map! The map is custom made from Mapiful. I also have one hanging in the other room, and it's the name of my home town. ♡

The roses were just too beautiful. I know it's fall, and that they don't match other fall deco at all, but fk it! 🎃 

Dried lavender you guys, is heaven on the table! You can find it like this, or in small bags (to be put in wardrobes, bathroom shelves and so on). I have both, and they smell amazing! I really recommend it! Next we have this sweet jar full of chestnuts. I think it's really sweet, especially ribboned up with a thin decorative rope. 

Of course a candle, & Eiffel Tower. I got it from my aunt who was in Paris, I think last year ... anyways, I always imagined it on my desk, and finally here it is! ♡

On this part, you can see amazing artwork, which was a birthday gift from my High School bestie. She currently still doesn't have any sort of page dedicated to her beautiful, beautiful art (and there's a lot of it), but If she does make it, I'll link it here! 🎨

Moving forward is a rose gold basket of happiness lol The first thing is my favorite day planner, aka The Happiness Planner - Focus on what makes you happy! I really, really love it! It also comes with a bunch of cool printables! 

Afterwards, we have my fav journals ever by Axel & Ash  😍 They are literallyy flawless. Filled with so many creative pages,quotess,photographs, stories - really, really worth checking out! 

And last, but most certainly not least, are these Taylor Rose Gold FRENDS Headphones. I mean, just look at them! 💎

That'd be all for this post! I always wanted a nice desktop looking something like this (still have things to add of course), so couldn't have waited to share it with the world! Hope you've found some ideas, got inspiration to change something up in your room or at least enjoyed the photos.

One of the important thing is that this time, the post is not sponsored at all! I repeat, at all! None of the companies above paid me for a shoutout, I just mentioned + linked them in case you were wondering form where something is! :) 


  1. Ajme svaka ti cast na kreativnosti, Jovane! Uvijek me tvoje fotke inspirisu! 😍

    1. Hvala od srca Žano! Mnogo mi je drago da to čujem! Veliki pozdrav! ♥

  2. What a brilliant post Jovan! You make this sound so easy and it's looks so efffctive - I'm going to give it a go! Also I love the map! And I'm a big fan of dried lavender and axel & ash too! X

    1. Hey Jules! Thanks a lot for stoping by! Glad you loved the post, and best of luck with the project! xo


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