Jan 24, 2016

The 33 photos that didn't make on my Instagram Page

January 13th, 2016 . I bought the New York Times that day actually, only later did I later realize it was yesterdays paper. But it served me well. lol Had a nice study break that day with my friend Andrea. It was a really fun day! :-) 

Also, we "found" this great wall, so decided to the a small photoshoot there ahaha #ootd #hipster #vsco #life #help :D

These are taken in the middle of Holidays.. I think actauly a post Christmas day? Lol I just now I was full of food and soooo tired! :-D 

yes, i have small giraffe tattoo on my finger :-p

Next one, taken today actually lol But it feels like it belongs here in the "white" part haha It's new Daniel Wellington watch i actually got my sister for her birthday.. But she haven't really wore it, so I took the responsibility! :-D I looovee everything cream, beige, light brown. 

Lol just an new edition to our christmas ornament collection :-D And taken on first snow ! :-)) 

Enjoying the first snow with coffee :-)  

These are from New Years Eve preparations lol Black/White Balloons were sooo good! :-) 

Random plants textures lol

The Pretty Little Liars are finally back for the Season 6 B ! Just finished 2nd episode today! I'm loving it! But It's most definitely not Ezra! It would be too obvious. 

Tea party with Andrea.. Not sure which day it was lol We went to this fancy restaurant/cafe in Belgrade called "Terminal" . Taken this photo while she was in bathroom. haha She will never get used to me taking photos of everything.. #photographersproblems #instaproblems 

Had to snap this one fast. The cafe "Terminal" was around the church, so yeah.. lol 

Now, moving on to these minimalistic looking, totally VSCO #minimal mind photos hahah 
The first time ever that i've tried "Carambola" or "Star Fruits" and I must admit i love it! My friends Ana & Andrea not so much, actually not at all haha But I do! :-) 

I saw these at local market/shopping mall called "Merkator" . I found it so beautiful and elegant, I couldn't resist! We came here so my friend Ana could buy something to eat, 'cause we didn't manage, or she didn't manage to get to schools lunch room.. She was depressed 'cause she got her first "8". And let me tell you, maximum is 10. lol But I love her for that! It's always best to be around ambitious people to get you inspired! :-) 

And boy, I couldn't resist for this either.. hahah

This adorable showed up in the middle of USce Shopping Center! lol I guess it's because there has been recently premiere of Alvin & the Chipmunks 4 movie! He was walking around, taking photos with people. Looked pretty cool! And no, I didn't get to take a photo with him, why you ask :-(

And these last I don't even know why I'm posting haha But they were in my gallery for month already, and I just felt sorry for them *facepalm* I mean the first photo was taken (they all are) on what December 30th I think!! I mean it looks so summer-ish! :-D

Thanks for reading and watching! 

Yours Faithfully 


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