Oct 10, 2015

Things to do, Places to see // The Lab 🌿☕

So, I have these photo I took for blog like 2 weeks ago.. So finally decided to write a piece on it! ;-) 
In Serbia lately are opening many cool cafes, themely oriented, which is pretty awesome, right? This one is called The Laboratory.

You can already imagine by my previous writing and photo how it looks like. They really tried to make it look laboraristic(ist that even?!), and I'm convinced.

As you see there are these plants hanging on the wall. They are also placed in these stuff. I really can't remember the name, not even on Serbian (sorry). It's looking all minimalistic, white and black, which is of course chocolate for my eyes! 😂I did edit the photos with Vscocam, so the colors are lookin strange. On tablet it looked way different then on my PC... 

Anyywayss! :) I must admit the places is looking rather smaller then I imagined. Its one big box. It's like literally one enormous room, and I guess with that minimal decoration it may kinda seem empty for someone's taste. I'm really enjoying the interior tho. About what we've had; It was Lemonade, and it was 220 rsd, which is about 2euros.

lol This is my friend Andrea. Caught Instagramming of course! :) She's always with me on our little Insta trips, so really had to put her in the post (even tho she's gonna be furious when she sees this:p) 

That would be all guys! Thank you for reading this small review of Cafe Laboratory. If you wish to ever visit in when visiting Serbia, here's the way how! :-) xo


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