Oct 13, 2018

Ugh! As If!

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? Hope everyone's well.

These last few days have been just beautiful! The sun was shining all the time, and I've had plenty of inspiration for doing photography! Unlike the last week, when I was a disaster lol 

So, today I've wanted to talk about that. Inspiration + IG. 

It's a constant struggle for me.  To constantly create something. And I know that no one is ordering me to. The best thing about Instagram IS after all our freedom. But, somehow it's always there. That little thing, that little let's call it wind that's making all my butterflies fly away. 

I don't understand when and why has Instagram started having this effect on me.  It was always such a beautiful & genuinely happy place for me. But, it is what it is. Today, there's not a day that passes that I don't think will i shoot something for IG, what kind of concept would it be, how can i make it fit my current aesthetics etc etc. And trust me. If you're not in this field of work or generally in a creative field - The. Struggle. IS. Real. It may seem like i'm overreacting, or like i'm just plain crazy, but it is. I can't just tell my brain not to stress out.

Maybe I've been just reading way too much about it. About Instagram, what to do, and what not; things to avoid, and things to most definitely do.

One of the (way too) many speculations is that one must constantly upload content to stay relevant. I mean, okay. This does sound logical. But, by that, one would think, sure - posting one post per week, or even two posts per week does it. But, no. 

What the algorithm apparently thinks is that we're also all robots/programs like itself. Well, you know what algorithm? WE'RE FREAKING NOT. And it's sooo soo sooo exhausting. Because I just honestly don't want to post just anything. Just to upload. Just so i'd stay relevant to the oh - mighty - algorithm. But, as i said i can't order my brain not to think those thoughts. I'm constantly having this urge to create something. But, not in that good way. Not like before. Not like when it was a artistic call to make my vision come to life. I mean, don't get me wrong. It still happens, of course. But, i guess it has come down to 50% - 50%.

Half of my posts seem to came out, out of the urge to stay relevant to the algorithm.
Why I'm constantly repeating to the algorithm, you may be wondering? Well, let me answer your question coming from the back of your head. No, this is not some kind of way that i'm subconsciously hiding the fact that i also want to stay relevant to the general public. That is a fact. I mean of course i LOVE having people like my work and support me on this creative journey. But, it's really not about that. And i just want to make it clear. Because I know that the people who follow me and truly appreciate all my work on Instagram wouldn't mind waiting one, two or even three weeks for me to publish something new. I mean one would even think it's much more exciting waiting some time, than constantly having content thrown your way until you're completely bored of it. Look, I can't say - I also LOVE when my favorite content creators publish something new, and i'm eager to see each new post. But, on the other hand, i understand that they have an actual life, not only a digital one that they chose to share. And yes, it maybe is someone's full-time job. Still, you have breaks from your full-time jobs, don't you? 

Anywho, I'm beginning to slightly go off the topic as per usual. But, long story short, the point was that it really all does come to the algorithm. And I'm genuinely sure that if the algorithm changes back to what it was, let's say 2015/16, things would improve much better. Because it is it who chooses not to show your posts to half of your friends, just 'cause you decided to take a seven days break. It is it who only now shows your posts in a search box based on the people who liked it. 

It has just become very ... limited. And when you have a World of 7 billion + people, you just don't have space for limitations. 

p.s. the photos from this post came exactly from that urge to post something. but, I realized that I'm not going to do that anymore. in my true 90's fashion, I'll be simply saying ugh! as if!  & will skip a day or two; even a week or three - meaning just as long as I need until I actually have a will and inspiration to make unpressured content.

oh well, at least I'll try my best! ;) lol

much love,

xo, jv


  1. Hello Jovan,

    I first knew you from vsco and I love your aesthetic and creativeness.
    I can so relate to the urge to post/ create to stay relevant, it was really stressful and creating didn't give me as much joy as it used to :(
    Anyway... don't know how to help you at all... but know that there are surely people who can understand when you post less frequently!


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for reading & understanding my pressure! Hope you're well! Regards!


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