Aug 8, 2018

Mental Health Is The New Black

Hello there dearest reader,

After a long, long time and one whole shitty July, here I am writing a new post.
Well, the month as a month was great, in the terms of fun, activities et cetera et cetera; but, the weather comes in as a shitty. I'm not sure if there was a whole week, 7 days in raw, without rain pouring out of nowhere. Even just for a minute (yes, that is a fact, that is an actual thing that have happened). It was July 31st, a last day of July, and i still haven't had a swim. Anywhere. Not even in my home bath tub. Well, actually that maybe a lie. I did make a hot - green tea - bath sometime recently. Just not sure when. Nor why. lol ANYWHO (i don't know why i keep switching subjects constantly) I have had to go to a local pool and have a swim. I just didn't want to let the summer slip away, by summer I mean July, because i mean August never ever exists in our lives, right? So, I did. And, after an hour or two all of the sudden the rain came in, or rather few clouds. Quickly they disappeared, but it wasn't long until the new ones came. And both time the clouds remained raining for about a minute or two and then went on with their path, but still it had no point lol After the second time we just decided to call it quits and go home. EVEN THO, after that the sun was melting everything & everyone for the rest of the day, i have zero regrets of going home since at least i've got my swim. 

Now, on to the point of this whole post, which suddenly turned out into my monthly review. 
I've wanted to talk about an quite important issue. Which is Mental Health.

Few weeks ago, Demi Lovato had an drug overdose, and for some reason I came across this idea of starting a new Hashtag Project on Instagram called #MHITNB , which is short for #MentalHealthIsTheNewBlack 

If you remember some of my old blog posts titles Happiness Roadtrip i talked a ton things of making more time for me, and doing things for me, not others. It was a time when i myself had started developing some anxiety issues. But, not typical ones like the anxiety 'cause of Instagram that is just basically a normal thing now lol But, anxiety where i just felt bad for no reason at all. I mean there probably were reasons, but hidden in some parts of me I wasn't interested digging into, nor i had a proper shovels to do so. Today, i'm definitely feeling much happier and mentally healthier then i did back then, but realized that that's not the reason i shouldn't be talking about it. I feel like sometimes it's still a somewhat taboo or something. People avoid talking Mental Health publicly, because many think it's something super private, and that you should keep it to yourself. Otherwise everyone'd find you weird or literally cray cray. But, I feel that's not how the world should work. I feel like if we all openly talked about our problems (of course not necessarily like i do on the blog or my Instagram, but with our family, friends  ... ), things would be different. Maybe then we'd have less self harm issues or suicides and so on.

And that's the whole point of my project. I wanted to encourage everyone to talk about their feelings. Again, it doesn't have to be publicly. It doesn't have to be messaging me. I don't have to have an active connection with people at all. I just want to make someone feel good, and make them feel like things are going to be just fine. That sharing is caring. That others care & will come and help. All one has to do is ask; talk. 

Now, the projects hasn't gone wild. There are only few people who have 'participated' , but nevertheless i'm so happy that people liked the idea of it. And so many people have messaged me in the first week of the project. How with their thoughts on how amazing the project is, so with some of their personal stories.

Over on my Instagram account, I have shared some lovely & inspiring quotes that I've came across the Internet, or that i've came up with. And I've saved all of them in the Story Highlights under the name 'Mental Health'. You'll see a little sunflower illustration. If you ever need to hear a nice thing or two, you know where to go!

So, if you ever feel down, just calm down. Go outside. Listen to waves. Drink some coffee. Pet your cat. Watch the sunrise. Fix that broken drawer. Sew. Yell out load. Bake your favorite cake. Drive a car and volume up that favorite song of yours. Whatever makes you happy. Do it! Even if you think it's the waste of time, REMEMBER that the time you enjoy wasting isn't really wasted! It doesn't have to make sense. If it makes you happy, then it makes all the sense!

xo, jv

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