Jun 22, 2018

Adios College! - What now?

Why hello, hello there stranger!

It's been a long time since I wrote, of course! 

But, I really haven't had the time. Plus, this blog thing. I just feel like there's no point to write anything in here, 'cause I feel like blogs are just dying. And it's a battle we simply cannot win. But, I just love this little platform called Blog. I love writing in here. I don't know. 

Anywayyys! I'm off the topic as per usual. YOU GUYS! I finished college! Like what the actual heck?!? Well, okay, I basically finished college. All there left do is a thesis. And that's it. I'm finished with all the finals and everything. And boy, did i finish lol I mean, I actually don't like to brag about it, but doing it online is just so way easier lol And we do need to "brag" about ourselves from time to time. I think it's okay. I think it's even possible healthy? lol But, I don't know, as I said it's way easier doing it online. Just writing it all out here, not knowing who's even gonna read this. Or posting a story the other day with all the grades i've earned, again not knowing who's gonna see it and what would they think. When you come to someone and say "Man, I just finished my last year of college with a GPA of 10,00." You know what that persons going to think of you. That you're a bit pretentious and self important or something. Which, I mean I hope I'm not. lol But, it's nice to get it out there. Like honestly, the last year on my college really wasn't tough at all. Our professors were helping us every way possible, and i had some really good colleagues who also helped a lot, so yeah... but, still i did put some work and some efforts in it. I should be able to like, brag about it just a tiny little bit, right? hehe 

As i mentioned, It wasn't that hard at all, really. But, it wasn't just super easy either. But, for some crazy reason, last October, when starting the last year of College, I've decided to try and have all the tens. At, first i just like mentioned it to myself in my head  😂 😂 But, then when i actually started like you know going in that direction, I was hmm okay, maybe i actually could do this. You know. So, I wasn't at first all crazy about it, but as i said when i slowly started getting there, i didn't want to quit. I've done everything I could to get there. And trust me, I mean it. 😅 So, yeah, if you're wondering why the hell am i still talking bout all this - never freaking give up
YES, HOW NOT CLICHE OF ME. 💩 But, I'm serious. I know it's a stupid example, but it's an okay one I guess. Trust me, you don't want to hear another one I've had in my pocket 😂😅 Well, okay, since you asked. 😜 Listen to this now - So, one day, as per usual I'm late, running to catch a bus. Yes, If by these last few years anyone saw a guy running after a buss every day, it was me. Again, back to the story - So, I look on my watch, and i see I have about 20-25min to catch a ride home. But, the possibility of getting to the station from my current location was like 3%. But, of course I had to try. I had to give it a freakin chance. So, there I was in front of my college catching one bus to go only 2 stations away, to catch another bus to a-bit-near my final destination station, so i could catch another bus TO CATCH A LAST BUS! lol Yes, I've changed 4 buses. And the worst part was, the last bus that should have rode me to my final destination actually only goes one station before the station I needed. If you get what I mean. But. luckily, those two stations are like 2-3minutes away each other, and that's why I entered that bus in the first place. I figured I shouldn't waste any time for a bus that would lead me straight to the last station, when I could go with this one, and then just run to the one i need. Would need about 30 seconds running. BUT, a plot twist coming. I see my bus - the one that should take me home, on my right side (I'm still in the city bus, waiting for it to open the doors so i could come out). The red lights turn for them, on the traffic lights, I'm running like a crazy person who just escaped the institution forever. But, da hell!? It wasn't 30seconds away running? What? Who would have thought, right? Shiet, I'm almost there, but my bus, my ride home, turns the engines and disappears into the thin light. 😂 No, I wasn't laughing back then. I literally set on the ground to clear my mind. Yes, set, literally. But, no my crazy mind is still not giving up. I'm looking out for those 'wild taxis' (regular/unlicensed people who drive other people for money (not sure what's the name for those in English)). But, none. ALL OF THE SUDDEN, I turn my head, and would you look at that. A bus, MY bus just showed up. Apparently the one i was running a race with, was an extra they added or something, i didn't even care at that point haha The point is, LIFE CAN SURPRISE YOU 👀 I told you that i've got an even worse example then the first one. 😁

 But, really, don't give up. Whatever it is. Whatever dumb idea, or thing you are doing or going after. You never know how things could just turn good in your way. There is ALWAYS a chance. A miracle can always happen. Just try, and do your best. Knowing that you gave it all will make you feel better either way. Trust me. I know, if it doesn't go the way you planned, you'll think "I've done all of that for nothing?". But, it's better that way, then to be left thinking "Oh, WHAT IF" you know. What if you did it on the end, what if that would have made your goal happen. Don't do that. Give all you've got, and you'll have your mind & conscious clear. 

Now, I've realized that i've gone WAY over what i've initially planned on saying, but i couldn't help it. What da heck. If you're even wondering about the title of this post, let me finally give you an answer to that. 😂 Basically, long story short - I have no friggin clue over what i'll be doing now that i'm going to finish college. I mean, there's still more education options, but i genuinely feel like i'm done with all that. Really. The only reason why I'd continue educating is that it'd probably buy me like a year more, before actually living the real world you know. Like getting a job and stuff. Yeah, but at some point, I'll have to you know, so i think it's time. 

I really need to get my shiet together, and decide what I want to do because all this going with the flow thing is maybe cool, but definitely not my favorite mantra at the moment. What can i say, i may be a control freak. 😜 I'm still thinking over few options, and yes - getting more serious as a photographer is one of them, but still not the one. Not sure why tho. I LOVE what I've been doing by now. But, I'm just that type of person who can't stay put I guess. I don't know. As I said, CURRENTLY i'm going with the flow, so we'll see. You'll most probably be getting all the dets at some point of the time anyways, sooo yeah ... 👀✌

AND ONE LAST THING (I promise lol) - If by any chance you're the person who asks college graduates things like "Oh, cool, so what now? Do you have any plans?" - Like, no man i don't, and don't remind me of it please! 😂 😂 Just don't ask us those questions folks. Sincerely, every student graduate that I know of. 😆😂

Until next time,


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