Apr 23, 2018

It's Handled!

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Hello everyone, hello Gladiators! 

If you don't have a single clue about what i'll be talking about in this post, then you can just jump onto some other business. 

For every other Scandal fan out there, yes, I'll be talking about the #ScandalFinale that occurred just few days ago. 

Spoiler alert, duh. 

Also, I just found this Spotify playlist of all the songs played in Scandal, how awesome, eh? Literally playing in the background while writing this post, and may I say it's a great one! :)


Anywho! Let's get to point, shall we?

Alright, so as far as I'm concerned the finale was good.

Sure, Rosen shouldn't have died. I mean yes, i do realize that Shonda (the writer) wanted to make a point that usually the good guys are the ones that don't get to get away so easily, and usually are the ones who end up with the worst ending, both in real life and especially in the Scandal World, but whyyyy! lol I mean Rowen anyways went on and gave his speech, saving everyone (including himself, like yeah, what was that by the way? They just ignored his statement, trusting him to continue running B613?) Okay, now that I think about it, i may see it. They just wanted to keep Rosen clean, and pure. Since, he was the only one still good among the characters. And even if he did survive to hear Rowen speak then he would have to look the other side like all the other people in the Senate did, and then he wouldn't have stayed the goodie with the white hat always on. But, still, it's not like he didn't do favors before, you know ... But, i guess it is what it is.

Cyrus. Gosh. That character was getting on my nerves too much lately. Like, how can someone be that horrible!? I mean i can't say. He really was always about the Oval. He did always day dream about it through the show, so i can see the reality in it. But, even tho i think they ended the show nice and slowly, for this plot twist they should have gone from the start of the season 7. They officially introduced this twist in episode thirteen, out of eighteen. And in these last episodes he went just straight aggressive. I mean, again, i can see the reality in it, 'cause that's who Cyrus is. And if we didn't have the number of episodes, it had even more sense if you understand what i mean haha But, yeah if they introduced this idea at least few episodes earlier they'd have much more space and freedom.

Now, the problem is also with the Quinn and Olivia relationship. Okay, Quinn adores Olivia, but to so quickly forgive her killing her? I did know and hope she'd finally forgive her for everything, but few time working together and like nothing happened. But, then again the Scandal world was really a special one. Every single one of them has done horrible, reckless, thoughtless, selfish things and on the end they all forgave each other, possibly 'cause they understood the motives behind. Not to mention the bond they all seem to share. Especially OPA/QPA team.

Mellie + Olivia equals GRLPWR

Okay, this is the one plot i actually quite enjoyed i must say. I can see what Shonda wanted to do with this, and i think she did this plot beautifully. From the start to the end. Whilst it started as hate and rivalry, it ended with a beautiful strong bond & friendship, teaching this way the world that women really can support other women. Not just post quotes about it on Instagram lol But, seriously, jokes aside, this plot started in the right time, and it ended the way it should. I was really so proud of Olivia for not letting her ego get in a way of this beautiful thing, this friendship of their when in 7x11 she decided not to read that document that would immediately get Mellie impeached. I was very excited about this change of heart, and i knew that from the episodes a new era will rise, as it did.

The era of Olivia Pope putting her white hat back on. While this plot too could have had a few more episodes to develop it didn't look to forced, as she's struggling with mixed emotion the whole season. Well, the whole show actually. The idea of everyone confessing their sins and just getting the truth out on the other side was just a bit too much. I mean no one on the Earth would do that, let alone Olivia Pope. Okay, i get it. She wanted to clean herself and everyone, to start wearing the white hat again and everything, but i'm sure they could have been a better way to do so.  I mean there could have been a whole other plot here. Forget the confessing and everything, but again it is what it is. On the end i'm really glad that Olivia managed to fight her demons and finally let go of the power hunt once and for all.

... or did she? lol As the episodes unfortunately ending, we have a scene (happening in future?) of two young girls of color, going to the National Portrait Gallery whereas we see (a stunning may i say) portrait of Olivia Pope, standing proud and gorgeous as always. This way Shonda gave us impression that Oliva could have on the end became a second Female President and the first African American Female President of The United States of America. OR  First Lady, which honestly I highly doubt so. Or at least someone important in the White House. I mean she already was, so you know, I just don't know. But, it was a really nice ending any way. Because what we see are two girls admiring and being inspired, and most importantly encouraged that they can do anything, no matter the differences.

Some other scenes were really awesome this season, like the funeral of Quinn, then Quinns bonding with the once Command Rowen, their singing to Britney Spears song, Quinn and Charlie getting married in the jail, Rosen's bold speech for Jake, and Jake realizing he really is just lost. So many great scenes, great plots, and of course fantastic act of everyone involved. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult some scenes may have been to film. I heard that the actor who played Rosen filmed the last dying scene for few actually. Just really so admirable.

All in all, I'll really miss this show and the energy it gave to me every time i watched it. You know when you just feel it, vibe with it? Yeah.

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