Feb 2, 2018

Bye January, hello February

Hi everyone!

Phew! It has been one interesting month indeed, this January 2018! lol

But, I honestly don't know where the hell did it go? I feel i'm starting to be quite repetitive, 'cause i always say that in every new post haha but, i really can't believe it! I'm not sure if this is what adulthood feels like, but I think not. I think time has changed for everyone! The time we put aside for technology is crazy! But, the worst thing is that the kinds are in it too. They are spending much more time playing Angry Birds, and less time playing around in the neighborhood. ANYYWAAYS! lol Sorry, I always switch subjects so easily! 

I just wanted to give a little retrospective on January.

Friends and I spent New Years Eve in Vienna, visiting our best friend, but we already came back on January 2nd. That one week in Wien was a blaaast! Unlike the first time we've been in 2017, we haven't been visiting every basic tourist sight there is. Instead, especially 'because of the holidays we decided to chill out and just have fun as we go. Well, actually i'm pretty sure that was only depending on me haha Because as all the normal people, getting a gorgeous photo for Instagram is not first thing on their agenda lol But, that doesn't mean i was to miss the famous Vienna Holiday Bow! I mean, not that chill! 😂  I also couldn't miss having a lunch with Irina knowns as @irinahp on Instagram, who told me someone else will also be joining us, and I had no idea it was Marta - aka @voyage_provocateur  who i've been already following for quite some time now! Don't you just love Instagram for this?? Be sure to check these ladies Instagrams, they're incredible!

(taken out of Irina's story, since they had all the photos, but still haven't sent me 😂  🙈  )

If you wish to see some of the photos, check out this little album-post from my Instagram:

As my caption on previous Instagram post says, we've met some pretty cool people, and with some of those we even went on little surprise road trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. We've had such a great time! And I even made some cool shots! But, I shared enough of them also in a album-post on Instagram, so here it goes :

Afterwards, it was Orthodox Christmas, which is of course National Holiday, because the majority of Serbians celebrate this one. W've had so much fun this year. On the day before Christmas traditionally we went to our grandparents for lunch, and then later we'd have just us family dinner. For Orthodox Christmas Eve, we eat pogača/pogacha which looks something like this , and in every pogacha the maker puts coin, or coins in it, and it it's believed who finds one will have great luck following the whole year. But, our mom had put 4 of the coins this year, each for something, and how cool was it that every one of us found one, right! 😊 

We also made one family portrait, which i reaaally love! hehe 

Following days I've worked on some collaborations with McDonalds Serbia & Rauch Fresh Juices. Really enjoyed these collabs. You can check them out on my Instagram, 'cause i think there's no point of embedding every instagram post into this blog post haha 

Later , i actually had one more college work week for the winter semester. I totally wasn't counting on it! hah But, it was really nice! Had so much fun with my college buddies! We grouped like 10 us one day, and went for a coffee at some newly opened cafe, which is so gorgeous by the way! But, i'm gonna come back there in between spring and summer, because it's too summerish for my current Insta feed 👀😂

There's also something called Orthodox New Year, but literally no one actually celebrates it, which is super weird, but whatever! haha I just can't talk bout this subject no more! It's marked on January 13th at midnight. 

On January 15th it finally snowed! Hooray! It's my sister on the second photo! We had to talk a walk - totally froze tho!

Going further, i've had two exams, and my Slava on January 20th! If you probably don't know what Slava is, it's a Serbian Tradition, on which i talked about few years ago in this post right here

On 21st of January, went on a best friends birthday party! It was awesum! 😎

Few days later i wanted to finally make a shot with bow & arrow i borrowed looong time ago! heh My friend who's also into photography was finally back in town for few days so i asked to come along and help me, since the planned involved going on the roof of the tallest building in the village, and i knew she was the only one willing to go with me! haha Funny story, the doors to the roof were closed. But, she remembered to call a friend who lives in that building and ask her to open them for us. Unfortunately, that girl was out of the town, buuut she suggested knocking on the doors of her neighbor whom she was sure would have the key. Now, that lady didn't have the key, but she had maybe something even better. Her very own terase, which was as huge as the roof it self, only a little bit lower. But, the height was just fine. And the view was awesome! And guess what? She was so kind to invite us in to take some photos! I know! Amazing!  Later, i wanted to come back to gift her some coffee, or chocolate, something as a gratitude, but i totally forgot ... But, i don't care it's almost two weeks ago, i will have to pop up  there with something asap! heh

On January 24th i passed the final exam in Transport Management in Tourism, ahhh, finally! That subject was so getting on my nervous! lol These days afterwards i was studying for the last exam of this winter semester which i've also passed few days ago on January 31th.

Annnnd, that's bout it! heh

I'm planning on working on some blog post these days, since I'll be officially starting college on February 20th, so i'm free of that until then! 😁  I may even write another DIY post, but we'll see!

Wishing you all a great February! And an amazing weekend!



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