Jan 8, 2018

two thousand eighteen

Hello everyone,

It's the third fourth eight day of 2018! I literally still can't process it. Friends and I often joke how after new year comes Christmas, after Christmas we have Easter, then Labours Day (May 1st), then it's ... well summer and we all know how fast summer flies; then it's time for school/college and we're back at New Year already. And boy is it true! Everything happens so fast lately. It's just, now you're here, and now you're there. You're doing this, you are doing that. You know, no time for pausing to realize where we at, and what actually are we doing. And it's especially a problem with those whose days are always the same, and are just practically doing things out of habit. Walking in circle.  I was seriously lucky to have 2017 very good to me, giving me so many great memories and so much flexibility. In everything really. In my college, work, relationships, everything. Ah, i'm a bit afraid that 2018 will be completely opposite. At least i'm 99% sure about the college thing, since we are to have double the subjects this semester. Which is, by the way my last one. I'm finishing college this year you guys, I just still can't believe it. You see, I still haven't processed college at all, let alone the fact I'm finishing it. Like, when did that happen? Everything will different from this year. I mean, there are still options for me to upgrade my education after this year of course, but I'm honestly not feeling it at the moment. 

Alrrrrrright! Enough about the boring stuff! 😁  

2017 was honestly very exciting for me! So many things have happened! I didn't travel as much as I planned, but i made some beautiful memories in my country alone. Was able to do some pretty cool stuff, do some badass collaborations, meet some incredible people, aaaand eat some great food, you know! Heh! #foodieforlife

There was a lot of good, but a lot of bad things as well. As in personal life, but as in The World overall. It seems that we are all evolving as humans every day - but in the same time, I feel like for each step forward we take, as humans. we make two steps backwards as well. But, I do understand. We all fear of the worst. Ah, I said enough about the boring stuff, and then I went straight to the ugly ones instead. ANYWAYSS! I'm really hoping 2018 will be much more safer and cheerful for all the citizens of our pretty cool planet. 

In this new year, I'm wishing you all many exciting adventures, beautiful people, excellent health, and amazing new memories! Make 2018 your year!

Cheers to life! Don't waste it! You only get one chance!




  1. 2017th was very exciting for me as well, so many things happened and my hopes for 2018th are even bigger :D Good luck in collage this year!

    1. Indeed it was! Can't wait to follow along your journey! Thanks for your words, and for stopping by! Hope your planes come true! :)


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