Dec 9, 2017

Happiness Roadtrip

Hello everyone,

It actually hasn't be too long since I last published a post, which I'm quite happy about! Hooray! 😁  I even have another post in draft, still waiting on some finishing touches, which I just don't have the inspiration for these days. 

Today i feel amazing! And i just wanted to share that with the world. Do you know that sometimes I'm literally afraid to say that out loud? To say I'm so happy! and not think something horrible will happen within few minutes. I don't know when did I become such a person. As I was reading friends blog, she talked about how great accounting and documenting something is, i thought i'll try and share my progresses as often as possible. 

In recent sincerely jovan post, I talked about happiness, and the road to it. Well, today I wanted to share some things that have changed since then! 

To be honest, nothing too extreme has changed, of course, it hasn't even been a month. But, one of the big changes, is that I've moved back home. Until now, I have been living with best friends, which was amazing - last year, but just didn't work out this time. Nothing has changed between us, but our timelines just didn't work out. Especially mine. This semester I've had quite less classes then usual, and all the free time i had i used for photographing, which is a process i'm always doing at home. All my props, and literally everything I need is here, and thankfully i've had my hands full this last few months. It feels more like I've been crashing at our apartment in Belgrade, rather then living in it. And it has made us all feel a bit, let's say uncomfortable, because as i said we're best friends, and we talk about everything, so of course this was a topic as well. Long story short, I've decided to move out in January to give them time to find something else in December, and just all of the sudden a roommate possibility came around, which i totally agreed on. So, after a suitcase and huge-basic-market bag full of clothes through the whole city, i've moved back home last Friday, and it feels goooood. 💫   

Not an extreme, but still a major change, which is definitely a step forward to this new goal of mine. 

Now, there are few things I'd like to change asap! One of those things is definitely time management. For a person who's obsessed with planning, and planners themselves, i'm pretty unorganized. 😅  Lately i just make all these plans in my head, which didn't turn out so bad, but there are often some little things i do forget.  Another good - well only this in case to be honest, thing about me moving back home is that I'll be traveling to college. Which means I'll have to wake up even earlier then usual. How is this good thing you're asking? Well, it's good because i will have to go to bed earlier. Which was by now something I just couldn't have done ... It's also good to change my sleeping habits soon, because it's winter, and we have been lacking of daylight for quite some times now, which of course to me as a photographer is not such a great thing. This way, I'll have more time to do photographs, which will hopefully on the end make me more happy. 

Oh, yes. I just remembered. I really don't know what has gotten into me last well - two or three months? Not sure. Anyways. uhm, I've been stressing more then usual. I've really trained myself to be this chill, donut care person, and suddenly, there's drama everywhere lol For example when i shoot something, and i just can't get it right, i used to get a bit cheerless sure, but now ... Chaos.  I mean it's good to get it out sometimes, it wasn't completely normal to be super okay with everything like before, but like, can i just find a middle? 😂   This is i guess another thing on my happiness roadtrip 😂  

Lastly, I just wanted to share this super cool app i discovered yesterday. It's called Star Chart. You just point your phone wherever on the sky, when it's night of course, and you'll be able to see stars, planets, constellations, it's just really super cool! Tho, I must say I just found a giraffe ... in my room lol I just never tried indoors before writing this post! And whilst, i absolutely adore giraffes, it's a bit strange for the app to work without pointing at the sky, but anywho, here's a screenshot of how it looks! p.s. not sponsored, just love! <3

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