Nov 18, 2017

Live, Laugh, Love ✨

Hi everyone! 

Alright, so this is a post I've planning on doing since the beginning of October. Today's midst of November. Yes. I'm lazy. No, I'm not trying to make that seem cool. It's just the fact. And it's also kiiinda tiny little bit related to the topic I'll be writing about. 

Originally, this was going to be a post about how does one get back on track. Yes. Good question. But, i realized I had no answer on it. But, I also realized It's totally fine. Fine to not have the answers to everything. Especially the things you need not to know about. I mean, is there even a real answer to that question? Do you know it? 

Over the summer, I'd say my habits have been washed in a machine, hanged on strings to dry - and then I just completely forgot about them and left them there until I realized it was October, and it was sweater weather. 

Honestly, even tho I haven't traveled this summer, well practically at all ... I really had so much fun. And it was an great summer I'd say. Maybe not the best, but it was honestly just fine! 
I finished all my college obligations first thing back in June, and I must give myself a credit on that one, I was even better then my first year! Whoop whoop! 🤓  I was planning on treating my self, some great travel plans were involved, tho it resulted quite differently. 

But, I honestly think I used all the free summer time well. I had the opportunity to give much more into my Photography & Instagram, and I really think it paid off! I've really pushed myself, and decided to try and say yes to every opportunity! Hint > I'll leave this part for a whole another story I just have to write about!  Anywho, I had the opportunity to work with some great people, on some pretty cool projects! And I just feel the need to say out here to the Universe, just how grateful I am! Because I truly am! I know I deserved it, because I hustled for it. And that's just another thing I'm currently working on > Myself.

I'm really trying to value myself more, to give myself more credit, and just do whatever the hell i truly want! Which, I think is also one of the things that will help me get back on track. Back on track with living. Because how does one live a happy, fulfilling life if it doesn't know what its heart & soul wants, and follows it?! That's why you've got to do it. To do whatever you want.

Of course, sometimes we don't know what we want. And, that's okay. It's just important that you don't get stuck in that feeling. Try one thing, try another thing, experiment. You'll eventually find something, I'm pretty much sure of it! Maybe that something isn't a thing, maybe it's someone. The one who's been waiting on you to change each other's lives. 😉  Anyways, just go for it! You know! And you'll eventually find yourself in a happy place. And when you do find it, you probably won't even be aware in a first place. It will maybe take a week,month, year, this post, or someone else's life situation to realize that you are in a happy place! And you'll be even more happier, and grateful!  💫

Word of advice - stop constantly giving everyone else around you what they want, and give some pleasure to your soul. Feed her. You will feel so much better! And I believe this lifestyle will bring some beautiful things in life. But, of course, don't not do favours to your closest lol It's always nice to be kind, just try to put yourself first in situations needed.

Don't stress over stupid, little things that just seem oh, so big in that moment. Everything can be sorted out! Everything can and most probably will be alright on the end. "Please, do everyone a favor and don't think too much" - is a phrase I'm currently implementing in my life, and I must say, for now, It has been great! Live in the moment. As much as possible!

Conclusion: Just be happy! Don't over push yourself too much, but, do move your limits. As Alexander Graham Bell once said:  Leave the beaten track behind occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do, you will be certain to find something you have never seen before.

Write, pet a kitty, play football, go photograph, make art, binge watch your favorite series, eat that whole chocolate by yourself, turn that mother f volume up and dance - because you do only live once! Do it right! Make it memorable! Make it worth it!

Live, Laugh, Love



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