Jul 1, 2017

'Till Death Do Us Apart, Pretty Little End 💋

Alright, there's gonna be spoilers! You've been warned! ;) 

Hello guys, 

I wanted to dedicate this one post to the one & only, The Pretty Little Liars. 

I've been thinking since the finale on Tuesday how i really feel about it. And while there's part of me that wanted for AD to be Caleb or Azra as I suspected'd would be, a big part of me is relieved 'cause the good guys stayed good 'till the end. I mean, yeah, okay, I would feel super sorry If it was one of them, tho on the other side, that would have been A blast of series finale. 

If you think about it, Alex Drake going as A.D. (I'm super happy that initials are actually initials lol) is a good way to wrap it up. Okay, everyone wanted someone we knew. But, anyone else would have much less motivation for any of it. I mean, it's a show yeah, and we've seen some crazy shit out there, but for example take Melissa. A 'villain' everyone wanted to be AD. Well, you guys, just no. Yeah, she & Spencer had some fights here and there, but on the end, I feel like they're just the classic sister who don't get along. That's it. And even, I feel like they always really wanted & tried to really like each other, but eventually they just gave up lol And not to mention, what real-kick ass- motive would a 30 year old woman have to do all those crazy things to girls? I can't think of a single one. 
A Wren AD for which today I found it from Clevver news-I think, was suppose to be original theory is for me also a no. Just really a lack of motivation out there. I mean that's really all I have to say about Wren as AD. 😂

Alex Drake. Yas. The one person we may not really have been introduced like someone expected, but on the end I really like the fact that Marlene actually knew the whole time they were filming who's AD going to be, and carefully situated Alex's character in some scenes we didn't even recognized her.  I mean for me, that's a just huge plus. I mean I'm not going to talk about her motivation, 'cause that'd just be me doing a episode recap, since it's really all explained & in finale included. What I'd love even more was If we were to find out in finale that this whole time (s06/s07 or just s07) Alex was being Spencer the whole time!!! Insane, right? But, would have been a real shock. And Spencer is there in that creepy house underground, on the edge of going mental as well. And when somehow they realize (not in finale, but episode earlier), that there's a twin, the finale is all about rescuing Spencer, having that adventures PLL, heroic,  fully for everyone happy ending factor! lol But, then again, for that theory to could have been realized, again, it would be need to have known the whole time. So, we would have needed to have some scenes where '"Spencer" - Alex was getting lost in her lies, scenes were girls find her a bit odd and so on. 

But, really the finale wrapped up nicely if you ask me. I think we've got the most realistic A.D. we've could. Everyone got their happy love story ending. And, yes Spencer & Toby didn't get married, but then that would have REALLY been just too much. Even for PLL. 😂

One of the best scenes for me tho is, one the once scene I didn't even understand at first, almost found it unnecessary. lol Is the Mona ending scene. She's just such a badass on the end & I freaking LOVE IT! If there is someone who still didn't get that, Mona's French boyfriend is actually the one playing fake cop who arrested Mary & Alex and that's how Mona has them as their dolls. Crazy right? Someone'd think so, but then again, as Alex's said to Mary; THAT'S MONA! 

Also, I've wanted to mention, the spin off rumor. Well, no, I don't think it's going to be the Addison story. First of all, Marleen explained that the scene is shown just so we'd see that even now Rosewood stays Rosewood, creepy & mysterious as always, and it all just goes 360 degrees. Second of all, no one'd watch that. lol If there's going to be a spin off' It's probably going to be the Emison story. Earlier this week I've seen Sara Shepard, who's the author of the Pretty Little Liars book series, wrote a two online novels: The Emison Stories, Book 1: Pretty Little Love & Book 2: Pretty Little Lost  As I've read, it's going to be trilogy, so I'm guessing the last one is still in works.

Alright, I could really go on & on about PLL, but I'm going to leave it here. As Marlene made a finale a love letter to the fans, I really needed a closer of my own, and had to write a goodbye post. So, goodbye Pretty Little Liars, thank you for everything.



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