Jan 26, 2017

Goodbye January

Hello dearest readers, 

First of all Happy New Year! (and all of the holidays you celebrate and I've missed a chance to blog about it (sorry about that)) 

So, basically this is one of my those posts where I literally ain't gonna talk bout anything serious and in that matter important (but, I do have some life-connected stories ideas in my mind for future). 

I'm currently in the midst of my exams. Well, I don't even now anymore. It's the peak season to be more honest. 😂📚 

For anyone that doesn't know, I'm studying at The College of Tourism.  My first exams started from January 10th, and since then I had exams every day until 16th. I literally thought I've lost my mind. I don't know, we had the same system of exams last year, but it feels like it was significantly easier. Well I did have one subject less in my first semester last year, but still..
All the studying,  the seminary paper, power point presentations .. I mean Gosshh, where did I even find the time for socializing?! I DIDN'T! 😂😭 Well unless you don't count keeping my social accounts active, then okay I socialized, but besides that .. very little.  Oh, I did go to Budapest for New Year's Eve. Ohh, I totally forgot to blog about that as well!? Shoot! I guess I'll start visualising that post lol It's weird tho 'cause I didn't really gram much about it .. only some live 'story' here and there, but no actual posts. I don't know, I guess I just wanted to have a good time, since we only had 1 day there, and I wanted to make the most of it you know .. without pressure (i just had to google how to spell pressure correctly LOL ) of having the perfect photos for my Insta or blog ..

EDIT: Literally continuing to write this post one week later lol

Anywho, finished first oral exam this year, and passed! Yay me! 10/10 🎉🎉🎉 Now I have to study really hard for other exams, since I basically haven't even started yet, and the first one is in like 4days.. I don't know how I'm planning on learning it, but yeah.. I probably won't be active on Instagram these days, so thought just to bring my situation a bit closer! heh


It appears Beyonce's baking 'Daddy Lessons' a single? So happy to hear that, since it was one of my fav songs from "Lemonade". It appears for now there's only this remix, which seems pretty official ( and awesome by the way!) so check it out! ;)

And what's also new with Hollywood!? NINA DOBREV JUST POSTED THAT SHE'LL BE BACK FOR TVD! 😍😍😍

Фотографија корисника Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) дана  

I mean, I have to be honest. I was a bit happy when Elena died. But, the funny story. I haven't watched the show since then. Yes, I have to catch up on the WHOLE season 7, and I have to do it before the finale airs, which is planned on March 10th I think!? So, the point is I can't still comment anthing on my feelings about the show without Elena in it. Tho I hope my fav ever Katarina Petrova is also having a comeback in last episode along with Elena. I mean if one can raise back from dead .. right?   

Still, I haven't even watched everything from Once Upon a Time .. Have few episodes left. Maybe I'll watch some tonight if i finish studying earlier. L O L not gonna happen for sure, but still.. 

Alright you guys! I'm pretty sure any of you who even came to this part already fell asleep, so going to wrap it up here! 😃 There's this new Italian tv show called 'Toscany love' and wanted to give it a try .. since .. ohh Italiano 💘




  1. Sjajno napisano dragi Jovane! Nadam se da su svi ispiti u ovom roku prošli uspešno i da sad možeš da se prepustiš uživanju.

    1. Hvala puno! :) Jao, na moju srecu jesuu! Lepo si rekla, uživam, ne znam ni koji je dan u nedelji iskreno! :D



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