Apr 21, 2016

Blocked + some study tips

  Hello everyone! 

First of all I'm very sorry I've been leaving blog out of my life. The artistic side of me is having a meltdown. I'm blocked. I opened this very blog so i can express myself some more.. Buuuut, Instagram has changed so much!! Instagram has always been a photo sharing kinda of place.. But, as everyone's doing their best, Instagram has rapidly changed. There are many people how refer themselves as #InstaBloggers.

 So, I guess you can say it's an mini-blogging platform too! And how I'm very much into photography, I'm often  sharing  photos there with some kinda of a story. If you ever wondered why I keep on doing that, It's 'cause I just don't feel like leaving blank space. I love writing. So, I always tend to write a small story from which you can say I did get the photo as a product in first place. After all that, there's not much to write about on the blog. That's the problem. I mean, of course there is, but it would only be a detailed, but still the same story. 

Last month has been quite exhausting for me. April, I mean. I have had so much to study.. We got new subject called "Economic Aspects of Tourism" of something like that lol And It was overwhelming learning all that stuff. Well, honestly It wasn't boring. The problem was time, I haven't studied on time ( of course, who does?! ) so i only had like a week or something to study for that exam. But, somehow i did it. In 2 weeks from now we have second part of the exam & then the final exam in June. I brought book with me home, so hopefully I'll start studying this weekend. I mean, If i want to pass I should! I would usually say "So, not to bore you with my studies anymore...", but I realized I'm a Lifestyle Blogger. Currently College is a huge part of my life, plus on the other hand I really do feel like complaining a bit,  so therefore I shall complain! :-) 

So, I finished all these exams and there it was. Geography. The one and only subject I haven't passed in first semester. Just waiting on me in April. And there I was. Just browsing my book, page after page, trying to figure out those 400 pages of informations.. But, nope. Let me tell ya' all somethin', somethin'. If you ever have trouble studying?! DO NOT SEARCH UP THE INTERNET! LOL I literally  went on and googled "How to study Geography". And guess what? THERE IS A WIKI TUTORIAL! I mean seriously? lol I know, I was the one was searching it up in the first place, but again, seriously? :-D Anyways, let me save you all the trouble and tell you that we're all different and we all differently memorize things. So, If you haven't realized what your methods are by college, you should totally just leave it. Just kidding, don't, scratch that one. lol  I mean okay, listening to classical music may be out of help, but then again probably not. I mean i started to seriously love classical music so it wasn't a problem trying out that method at all. But, what you need really is time & will. That's all it takes. Grab a book, find your piece and work, work, work, work!!! Haha yes, I did some Rihanna reference here, don't be all judgy! :-) 

In the end, I haven't passed the Geography ... again... But, this team it totally wasn't fear. I'll admit it, the first time I really came unprepared, just so i can see how the professor works. This time i was different. I've had 4 questions, from which 3 i knew the answer of. The problem was the one i didn't know the answer too, was kind of most important to him. Plus, it was the second question if we're to speak of question order, which for some reason needs to be respected. Crete. Greece. Yes, that's the question we're talking about. lol The only thing I'm regretting is not try to fight him some more over my pass. Because he didn't even give the chance to tell the answers to 3rd and 4th question, which by the way I would ROCK! lol There were some students who haven't passed, but they got a chance to take the final exam in June again, just without like all the things they knew.. That would meant a lot to me.. But, nooo, I have to study the whole book again, just because I didn't know Greece. For God Sakes, like I'm going to remember any of that book material in a month after passing, but never mind. That's the way it works, I just have to work harder for next deadline I guess. Now, I really don't want to bother myslef with geography anymore, let alone you guys, so that would be all. Finito! Punkt! The end of geography discussion! Well, at least in a while. Because other exams are coming up, and I have sooo much to do! So, wish me luck! 

Well, finally did I get myself to write a blog post, and i haven't caught what time is it! I have to, and spend some time with my friend! Which reminds me of new post idea! lol 

Thanks for reading, 
with love 


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