Feb 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello world! Just wanted to wish you all, not matter what religion you are a blessed & beautiful Sunday! 

Since, as you may already know, I'm an Orthodox Christian. In our belief, we don't celebrate Saint Valentine  on February 14th, but Saint Tryphon. But, since forever Serbs have celebrated this this day as day of giving love & sympathy, usually to those who you're in love with. So, this day we call "Дан Заљубљених" , or roughly translated on English "The Day of In-Love People" , "The Day of People who are in love" . Lol Sounds a bit too long, but its only two words in Serbian :-D 

So, that would be all. Didn't wanted to write too much, but didn't wanted not to write anything at all haha My home is a mess, we're having our bathroom renovated after 20 years approx. So yeah.. Its pretty much chaos. 

Thanks for being here & reading, hope you all had a lovely weekend! 



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