Jan 20, 2016

John (Jovan) the Baptist

Hello everyone! As many of you already know, I'm Serbian ; Orthodox Christian. And as you may have seen my Instagram we celebrated Christmas on January 7th. I really wanted to use that to introduce you more to our tradition and religion, but I was shockingly too busy. I'm sorry. 

Anwyhoo!! First thing, I had no idea that Jovan Krstitelj has been translated on every language differently. I mean, It's totally logical, I just have never been thinking about it honestly. In Serbian we call it "Sveti Jovan", which also happened to my name, so basically Saint Jovan (John) is my "Name Day"

Following text will consist some more info. 

The slava ("celebration"; Serbian Cyrillic: слава) is a Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition of the ritual glorification of one's family's patron saint. The family celebrates the Slava annually on the saint's feast day.
In November 2014 it was inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

And now to tell you in my words.

"Slava" in Serbia is just one of the many feasts we Serbs do, in order to have excuse to drink, eat and have a good laugh. But, I love us for that, even tho it's kinda of wrong. If you ask me, I think many people have lost their respect to true values of beliefs. And, I'm kinda one of them honestly. I mean, this year everyone was all like "Oh, It's Christmas, means we go to church, light a candle and go back to our normal *bad* habits" . And with that thinking, it feels more like it's an obligation, or to say habit then a real believing. I mean there are so many things I haven't and still don't know, but i do call my self believer. So many things I (we) don't respect, but we call our selves a believers. It feels wrong. But, I could go on and on talking on this subject, but I really have no time. 

On this day, some of the family members go to church at morning, carrying with ourselves basket with big candle, wine, "koljivo" (the wheat), and "Славски колач", literally meaning "Slava cake", but it's much similar to bread, almost the same. The wheat is a symbol of the Resurrection of Christ and deceased family members. Depending on whether the celebration falls in a period of fasting, the rest of the feast consists of animal-free (posni) meals or not (mrsni);  Slavas can be referred to as mrsne or posne .  

Rest of the day, the guests are coming to family's home and are welcomed. It is expected that you take some of the wheat and wine to make yourself fully welcomed. 

Well, this is just little something I've wanted to write about our tradition, and  the photo from my IG from what I think it was last year.

Thanks for reading,

Sincerely Jovan

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