Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

It's officially January 1st! Wow, time have never passed faster then last year. 
2015 has definitely been a great year for me, but I it can always get better! If nothing, it was the most significant year ever! I've finished High School. Started College with a scholarship. I've grown so much as a person, and as photographer as well. I putten so much work into my Instagram account, and I've never thought people would like it that much. People inspired me to start this blog, and continue writing, which I'm forever thankful for.

Anyways! How are you satisfied with 2015? If you haven't done the things you wished, there are always 2016,'17,'18 ! :-) 

Also i hope everyone's night has been amazing. Whether you've spent the cozy/crazy night with your closest (which can definitely mean your pets and DVDs lol) or at some restaurant/loud club, I hope you've had the time of the year! lol If not, there's always the "RE-RUN" ! Well at least in Serbia there is, so I am definitely going to be getting ready now, or I'll be late!

I wish you all the health, happiness, joy in the 2016! Let's make this year count! Since It's Friday anyways, whether you have the New Years Eve Re Run or simple Fridays Night out ; Have a good time! God Bless you all! 

-Yours Faithfully Jovan 


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