Dec 26, 2015

December in one post! (warning;post too long!:)

So, as I haven't posted any writing in December until now, I've decided to share some photos made this month! :-) 
There was actually plenty of them, but then again, many of them you can already see on my Instagram profile, so i didn't want to repeat. 

So, this December has been chaotic! There were so many days i wanted to sleep all days, and on the other side, there were days I wished they would have never ended. But I'm grateful for both, 'cause we all need balance in life, and I need to learn that nothing will ever be perfect. As one professor recently said ; "All the things humans do cannot be perfect, only what God can and is!"
 . Okay, maybe I change that a bit, but I'm sure you get the point! Haha! Well I'm still not sure whether to believe that or not, but eh, I really can't and will not talk about those things right now.. It's Christmas/Holiday season, so let's just relax and enjoy! :-) 

Anyways! As I was saying... College has been really hard for me. And I hate that. I hate the fact that some people can study for exam so easily, while it takes me hours to actually learn something... But I guess we all need to except who we are, and what we are made for.. But, then there is this contradiction within me. Is the previous sentence only excuse for me not trying enough? I mean humans are naturally made to grow, and break limites, yes? Why can't I just start studying every day, little by little and slowly start to wreck those walls, instead of letting them break me?! I have big exams waiting on me in January, but hey, here am I writing this blog post. But it's hard to stay focused on something, let alone studying, when there are so many bigger things happening around. And If I'm using the sentence as an excuse, then let it be. Health really is the most important thing. And we humans so often forget about that. We go too see doctors only when we're in pain, instead of regularly taking care of ourselves! I'm obviously not saying we should go to doctor every other week, but just once in a while do a blood test, or something, just so it doesn't get the drastic measures. 

"Hello! It's me!" Okay my real topic is calling on some material. lol I easily go overwriting. 

So, this photo.. I'm not sure If you're familiar with We Heart It? It's most beautiful web site for Inspiration through photography and communications with other creative Hearters through "Postcards" . I definitely recommend it to everyone. I can spend hours and hours and this web site! Which is obviously since they have given me reward called "Heartist", which is a highest honor! #soproud haha  No, really, try it. They also have well designed apps! And from recently a app called Easel. It allows you to create beautiful texted photos, for yourself or the whole universe! It's all up to you! ;-)  

Moving forward, I'll share few photos I took at Mall "Delta City", in Belgrade. (click on photo to enlarge

Also, this December as you may know from my Instagram, mom & I made some Christmas packages and letters! I am honestly more then satisfied with how it ended! :-) 

My cat has also enjoyed wrapping things up with us! Hoho! :)

Fnally this adorable wreath, decorated with real hand made products such as Donuts and little chocolate decos haha I found it so cool, and had to post it! It was my mother's idea actually.

And now, let's move on to this Coca Cola Carneval. It was held in Usce Shopping Center, Belgrade. There were many activities. There was also this beautiful charity part, where people were donating their old books to to children in needs. Also, you could have taken photo Santa Claus, talk to famous Serbian Vloggers and Bloggers and many more! 

I was there with Andrea, and we both met this young woman, who happens to be one of the most successful vloggers/bloggers in Serbia. She's known as Zorannah. Only recently did she had her first book released! 

There were also this amazing and friendly Coca Bears walking around taking photos with people! Oh, and did I mention the music? It was just loud enough and the collection of Holiday songs they have chosen have been perfect! 

Inside of the Usce Shopping Center is located a enormous decorated Christmas tree, and chair! Boy, the tree is traditionally huge as always, but I always get surprised! lol

FINALLY! :-D Last thing I'll talk about in this post is my beautiful and amazing sister! She has just finally graduated from University majoring in Psychology! I can't tell you how much am I just happy for her. She has worked so hard last few 4 years. And now everything is over. It's actually quite scary, and she's aware of that too. I mean now the really life is starting for her, and the question is "What next?". But for now she's going to rest for a while and she's planning on starting her 'master'? I'm not quite sure how it's said on English. Sorry. In the mean time she's probably going to do Internship. 

And it's also her birthday on December 31th, so her friends from the photo came to celebrate and this was the cake my mom made. lol I just had to capture it! It's maleficent (represents my mom haha) and Elsa (my sister lol) 

And this is definitely the time where I should stop uploading photos and adding more texts, 'cause the post will look horrible on the blog! lol I have some more material that I'm going to use as separate post, which I should have done with Coca Cola post too, but whatever! lol 

Yours Faithfully -Jovan


  1. Diiivan post i divan mesec :)
    Omgggg nisam znala da si, kao i ja, opsednut weheartit sajtom :)))

    1. Hvala ti puno Andrijana! :-)

      Haha, dovoljno je da kažem da mi je ponekad ispred "Instagrama", i sve ti je jasnoo.. hahah


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