Nov 6, 2015

Hello November! 🍁 Busy with my studies! 😔

As some of You may noticed, I haven't wrote anything lately. I'm sorry for that. It just I've been really so, so busy (I still am, but eh..), also haven't had any energy or inspiration to sit and write. But, I'm pushing my self to continue blogging as much as I can. 

Where to begin? Well, for you who still don't know, I'm enrolled in The Collage of Tourism, and I already had so many assignments to do, and stuff to write.. I studied statistics and had this "pre-test" test.. Like what ever! lol I passed with 9/10 ... I know it's amazing score, but still! My professor said i would have gotten 10/10 if only did i write 1 more sentence. Yeah. But I decided not to stress about grades anymore.. 
Also, something interesting happened the other day.. We had this doctor check up with Collage, so it was important that everyone go.. I went two other friends. There was few different type of check ups. When I got to I guess she's psychologist or something lol She looked up the test I did earlier and realised I have more then 10 points (I had 12 chill lol) . So who has more then 10, they get appointed to a psychiatrist. So my friends and I made fun of my results all day lol But, I even did wanted to go (Doctor said i can go only if i want to, visiting the shrink is not something I had to), but when I call to see working time, their agent told me I need to book 1 week earlier. So i gave up. Well I mean my sister is finishing psychology, I can get treated every day (lol just kiddin:) 
Anyways, from November 23th, my week of tests is starting. In that week we have tests from all the subjects, and I'm really scared. Especially about subject called "The Basics of Economy", 'cause our professor is... I don't know, he's too severe i guess. My favorite teacher is English. He's so rad, really! The most interesting classes are always there. I do love my Deutsch professor as well, her classes are cool too! :-D  I mean when I think about it, for now, I'm satisfied with all the professors except that one.. 

Today, few friends and I had something like presentation about Festivals to make, for our English class. We choosed Drink Festivals, and well you can only guess what was I writing about? *let me give you a little hint: you can drink it everyday, and it's on 90% of my Instagram photos lol * Yes, Coffee! :)

So this is how it looked like. State of my camera position was awkward rotational. lol But, yeah! We had so much fun today making it! :-D 

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