Oct 18, 2015

Full Week Recap! ☕📰🐾

(yes, this is me:)

So, as I promised in last post, I'm doing a full report on this weeks whereabouts. :)

This week has been astonishing! As this is what, like my 3rd (whaat, already!?) week on Collage, i finally started to get to know more people. I've met few people that I think i'll hang out with for sure, but then who knows?! People come and go everyday, which is unfortunate, but true. 
As always I came to every single class in last minute.. I'm always late, so this coming in last minute even sounds promising. lol Also, i signed up (of course I did) for trip to Cer Mountain. I had assignment to prepare Itinerary and an essay about Serbian Tourism and Serbian geographic and traffic position for next Friday. I finished everything this weekend, thanks God. But the thing is I've never before done an itinerary, so I'm afraid it's not good. Luckily there are consultations with professors, so I'll be sure do pay them a visit! :) 

Hmm, let's see what interesting has happened..
Um yeah! :-) My great friend I've never mentioned before.. her name is Sanja (Sania?), and I agreed to finally hang out in Belgrade. (Small info: We've met in 1st year of High School, and haven't separated for those 4 years.) So, after Anna and I had our lunch at messroom, i waited for Sanja at Knez Mihailova. While I was wondering thro street, i was looking at my phone the whole time, and in a second i looked up, and there was this cameraman and reporter in front of me.
-Hey, sorry, do you mind answering few questions? .. And i was like, "Okaay" lol So the woman, reporter asked me how much money (monthly) would be enough for me to be happy!?
I really didn't know even approx. to answer, but i said "30,000." dinars, which is about 250e. The woman was like "Wait, only that much?".. so I re-thinked and said "Well, if I need to pay for my apartment rent, then let's say 50,000." lol That's  415euros. I think that was still shockingly too small for her. She asked what would my focus on spending be, and I said, food, and travel! :) I saw in her smile something like she was proud of my answer. lol 
Later on, I talked about my friends about that subject, and they would asked, lets say 10x more. So, I guess my answer was the lowest amount of money.. But, that's totally fine. I mean okay, after re-thinking more at home later, I realised i would definitely need to ask for at least 100euros more, since living in Serbia is really hard. The bills are too high, but the wages are below minimum. But, let's not ruin the post talking about money! :-)  So I'm asking anyone who's reading : What amount of monthly income would be enough for you to be happy?  :-)

That day also I fell on stairs in Terranova shop, and my eyes stayed on one golden sweater (trust me, it looks better then it sounds) in H & M. I also found out there is daily international New York Times report. If you follow my Instagram, you would have seen i taken a photo of one New York Times report, but that was the first ever Serbian version. These ones are on English.  

So, that would be all my friends! Oh, yes, and I saw DOUBLE RAINBOW! Like how amazing is thatt!?? Nature is so freaking beautiful, everyone must agree on that matter! :-) 
Thanks for reading, stay awesome! xo 

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