Sep 3, 2015

TV // The Royals 👑

So i wanted to do a small review on this TV show whose season 1 i just finished watching! :)

So I watched the first episode on Tv, and my feelings about the show were catastrophic. It felt so pressured and cliché.

But i’ve decided to download the show and give it a try, and woah! It got 100 times better. The actors and actresses they hired are so fitting to their characters . Only think that remained cliché are those idiotic sisters. I just feel like they were trying to put that Cinderella story in it and then changed their mind lol But they are amusing if not anything else. The storyline seems unique and different, and I like the twist happening non stop! I just love the shows that can make non-all-time-predictable storyline.

So if you are interested here’s a small info:
The story is about a Royal Family located in United Kingdom. The plot starts with oldest heir His Royal Highness Prince Roberts death.We are introduced to his brother His Royal Highness Prince Liam, and Her Royal Highness Princess Eleanor. Of course there’s Her Majesty Queen Helena and her husband The King of England Simon.The real plot starts when King Simon threatens to abolish the Monarchy. After that You’ll get familiar with their lives in and out of palace, their habits, affairs, true loves, and more. The time is a 2015 (or 2014 since that’s the time they were filming it), so it is a Modern Monarchy you’ll be looking at. Following last sentence, you can guess there will be some instagramming, skyping and of course imessaging on the screen lol 

So, yeah i would recommend you the show.If you ain’t convinced after episode 1, like i haven’t, trust me, give it a try, and watch 2nd episode! :)

Off you go now! (had to say that, you’ll understand) Thanks for reading, xo

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