Sep 30, 2015

moved in

Hello guys!

Finally got time to write something.

We have moved on Monday. The whole day was pure chaos. Our parents were here to help us clean, move and organize everything.

First of all, i’ve been trying to write this post or an hour already my lap top is freaking bugging. So i installed now this browser Yandex, which is thankfully almost fully working.

Anywaays…Only Andrea and I stayed in flat on Monday, Ana had to go back to give some German classes she previously booked. (she teaches German for quite some time now). So she came to Belgrade yesterday at night. We had to go to bus station to help her carry all the stuff our parents already sent us. lol But it was raining, and we haven't had taken our umbrellas with us. Which obsly. sucked.

Today, we walked for like 4 hours, and we were dead when we came to apartment. We “made” some lunch, and by that i mean they ate bread and something on it lol and i used microwave to heat up “sarma” my parents had sent me. lol  Afterwards, we haven’t don’t anything all day. Oh, somewhat funny thing, i showered, and somehow used all water LOL so now Ana had to shower with cold water. She said her hair was too dirty for first day of Collage. lol I can already see, that this living with my besties is definitely going to be incredibly fun!!!

The most exciting thing right now is that tomorrow we finally start collage. Oh my Gosh. Me and Collage. Yeah..That will be interesting. I cant wait to start thoo. I am such a geek from time to time :D

Thanks for reading, im leaving so Anna can make her blog too. So excitiingg!

 Thanks for reading! xo

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