Sep 8, 2015

last week recap

First things first (lol) : My neighbors are doing their bathroom and it’s giving me a headache. Our building is very old, and so is the architecture work. I don’t know how to explain the situation correctly, ‘cause i don’t understand it well myself lol But the conclusion is that no one re-done their bathroom in building because it was told to be almost impossible. Listen to next story.
So, except in bathroom we had this horrible tiles in kitchen too. And approx. 10 years ago, my parent decided it was the time to take it off. While they were taking them off, our neighbor (the same that is doing this now lol) came to us, and pretty much begged us to stop, because her chandelier fell off due to our work. So, we did only finished dinning room, kitchen not. Only last year my parents finally changed those disgusting tiles off. lol 
We couldn’t sleep at all. My whole family falls asleep late, and i mean late. About 2-3am. And the workers come downstairs at neighbors at 7-8 morning. You wouldn’t believe the freaking noise, and not the mention my bathroom was shaking the whole time, we had an mini bathroom quake lol At one point i had to go to drugstore  and buy earplugs (which i didn’t know how to use lel).
So yeah, yesterday friend and I went to near town so I take certificate of citizenship, so i can submit and request for dorm room (which i wouldn’t probably use) . Also, in October i am moving to Belgrade to live with my friends. Ah I’m so excited and scared at the same time. Ana and I are going to study there, and Andrea found a job. But, I’ll be probably coming every Friday home for weekend, so that should be awesome. If You don’t know me, you wouldn’t know how attached to home and family I am.

ALSO, WE HEART IT posted another one of my photos online! How cool is that? I was so freaking happy!!!Whattt? STILL AM!!!  ***doing small dance right now***

A photo posted by We Heart It (@weheartit) on

This shot was taken back in April, just before my school trip to Italy! Ah i remember those days, it was awesome! If anyone’s interested i already wrote an article for our school paper, so i can just copy paste it here! :)

The other photo of mine they have had posted is this absolute favorite♥

A photo posted by We Heart It (@weheartit) on

I took that one long time ago, when i wasn’t even into Instagramming that much lol Those my first steps onto vsco world. :)

If you’re into photography You can post your awesome shots on We Heart It, directly through their site or with the little help of  the 'Heart Button'. To read more about that, click here. Doing that already gives you of chance of you too getting featured by them on all their social profiles. To increase that chance take a photo showing the world how you heart and hashtag it with How I Heart (talking about Instagram of course:)).So, good luck and heart on! :-)

Thank you for reading, until next time, xo have an amazing weekend!! 

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