Sep 13, 2015


Had a lovely weekend. Don’t have too much to write, in particular I just wanted to share more of my “white sheets” edition photos lol

I didn’t go out anywhere yesterday, i mostly laid in my bed, played League of Legends. Oh yes, we visited my aunt. My cousin brought 2 new little yellow kitties. There are adorable. 💘 But, it’s only temporarily since he took them because dog attacked them. And actually he only took one, he didn’t even seen the other one. That one followed him all the way to local cafe, so he had no choice but to take her too. Animals are so awesome, they never stop amazing me more! 💖😻

Today i was outside with friends literally all day. From 13:30 to 18:00 (1:30pm - 6pm). Our friend Maria has an internship in Belgrade hospital, so she’s only in our hometown for weekend. Plus, she wasn’t here on Friday, and yesterday she worked as a photographer on weeding, and later went out with Masha, so we never got to group up. We visited Anna's grandma, and we went all mad (nothing unusual tho). She was suppose to tell her grandma that she’ll be buying her lap top for collage, but I don’t think she ever did. lol I guess she’ll have to go again.

Also, this is my new pijama I'm totally in love with. Yes, i’m in love with pijama, so be it. lol
So i think this quick update will do it, I’m off to playing League! If you play add me, summoner 
name is DiLaurentis ( lol i know ). Also, add me on snapchat: jovanvasiljevic . 😸

Thanks for reading, xo 

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