Sep 11, 2015

Apartment found!

Hey everyone!  

In case you didn’t know I’m starting The Collage of Tourism on October 1st. So that being said friends and I were looking for an affordable apartment in Belgrade, and our parents actually found it for us. The place is not something luxurious or anything, it’s rather average flat. But that’s fine with us, ‘cause all we need is a bed to sleep on and internet lol So next or week after that, we’re going to clean it up, and put our stuff there . I really hope it’s gonna all work out well with us. We know that there will be some argues here and there, but we really hope most of the time it’s going to be peace. :D We’ve got 2rooms, dinning room, small kitchen, bathroom and our beautiful terrace. I mean the flat is actually about the same size as one we’re currently living with our whole family lol Now you’re gonna want to hear the next story.

We took the last train to go home, and in the middle of nowhere it stopped. It appeared that the train who left before us BROKE or something so we sat in the train for 3 hours! We were so bored, we went all mad. But for real. We starting circulating through train to see who’s in it. There was like 20 max people by the way. All of our phones were almost dead, so we couldn’t listen to music or do anything. We did scope (periscope app) for like 15 minutes, but no one wanted to be our company lol. We did after 2 hours meet one guy. He’s actually studying at Faculty of Philology, the one both Ana and I planned on applying at. At then end, only Ana did, and she got in of course. Her major language will be German, ‘cause she rocks it! :) Anyways, we got to hear a lot about what to expect from collage life there, and Ana finally got few answers about her new Faculty. So, that’s cool.
The worst thing is that the last bus always comes like 1 hour earlier on our train station, and then goes to main station. As you can guess we managed to be there on time and got into train (since it was still raining outside) and we were thinking like “Oh what’s an hour to sit here until we move”. We got into train at 20:30 (8:30pm) and left it at 1:10 am. Aweesomee!

I will write another post right now about Dolce by Tintolino Family, which will mostly feature the photos. I was thinking of merging it with this post, but then thought naahh. :)
Thanks for reading, stay awesome! xo

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