Sep 23, 2015

The first day of Autumn

It’s officially Fall guys!

I haven’t really wrote anything because i just didn’t feel like writing. Besides that, I haven’t really been doing anything special. If you follow me on Instagram, you can get idea of what’s going on in my life without even reading this blog. But, the fun is in details, right? :-D

i did went to Vršac last week tho. There was this big famous festival called “Grozdjebal”. It’s all about grapes and wines and stuff. lol But of course there are lots of mini pop up stores there. I didn’t blog about that, because honestly i just wasn’t really in mood for taking photos all the time. I just really wanted to enjoy it for once. Instagrammers will understand! lol I did put on Instagram one more photo. 

Oh, also I bought this amazing, beautiful picture.

Anywhoo.. Today, I went back to same town with mom and sis’! I wanted to finally take them to Hotel Villa Breg. It’s actually a famous 4 star hotel, but with a really nice separated cafe. It was a bit of a hike, but we did finally make it. Lol My mom felt almost dead tho. 😂 We even had to make 2 stops. I already honestly got used to it, and my sister is well amazing shape, so it wasn’t anything for her! :D

That’s her being all amazing with that lemonade! ♥

Also,finally got this passport case i ordered through eBay. It took like 1 month. But, eeek! it’s perfect! :-D

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