Aug 16, 2015

The perks and disadvantages of online shopping + Personal experience

I’ve been thinking about what could i write next, and I thought of this!

So, first of all, let’s mention the  the largest of online retailing corporations ; Alibaba,, and eBay.

Honestly i have experience with eBay and AliExpress, and i am very satisfied with services. I’m guessing good experience depends on lots of things, such as: personal expectations, budget, patience, and of course previous experience with some other sites.

The main problem (at least with people i’ve met) is giving out your credit card details. Many people i spoke about online shopping is that they are afraid of giving out they personal credit card details, which automatically “disqualifies” them for e-shopping. This problem mainly occurred with people with lot of income, and well in the world we’are living in, I hear ya’! lol
There are many situations where hackers (like 10-50 years old lol) stole if not money, the log-in informations, such as passwords, emails, and other“well hidden” stuff, just as proof they can do anything. This does have an effect on people. I personally didn’t have this worries when signed up for Pay Pal since i don’t have any frequent income on my account, i only top up when i need to.
So, randomly surfing internet (as always lol), i got a feeling that big population of teenagers are quite relaxed about giving out their credit card information (maybe they also don’t have regular income?)
For now i’ve found online shopping totally safe! But, I’ve had few un-satisfactional transactions. This however didn’t occur via any of mentioned e-stores. Here in Serbia, many people sell their stuff online via simple Facebook Pages or even Facebook Profiles. This is quite convenient for them i would say. Anywhoo, many times those who sell intend to upload “original-product” photo, and not the photo of product which they are selling. For example i’ve bought many, many shoes though different FB pages. Let’s take converse shoes, they put an original Chuck Taylor Converse shoe photo, but what you get is a little bit different. But people don’t complain much ‘cause they are selling out for almost as 60% cheaper, and the difference ain’t too big. But still i was bothered by the fact that many pages ain’t uploading self-taken pictures of their products.
Also, i thought i should mention the fact that i still (thanks God) haven’t met the persons who had been e-robbed. :)
Next, I shall write some of perks and disadvantages, but first take a look at my very first eBay purchase. *proud face*

The perks of online shopping! :)

  • Flexible and time saver. ( The online stores are available to us 24/7, so you can visit shops at any moment. Also, with awesome “search tool” you can easily check the things you are interested in, and write down your budget so the site doesn’t show anything above it. Also no waiting in line:)
  • Access shops all around the world without spending any fuel nor large amount of energy.
  • Awesome price deals. (Many online shops also have sales, you just have to hunt down to right ones:)
  • “Pay Less” alerts (You can always put the items you wish to buy later on your “watchlist”, and if they are ever on sale you ‘ll get an email informing you about it.)
  • Feedback and Reviews. (This amazing tool allows you to read and later give a feedback or review. With tool like this you can easily see if the store is reliable or not.)
  • Too ashamed to buy? There’s no word shame in online shopping!;-)
  • Buying unique (hand made) stuff was never easier! (If you ever wished to have something unique, or made by your wishes, online shopping is perfect for you, since many stores, or sites (Etsy) are just the around corner waiting for you to open their doors.)

The disadvantages of online shopping! :/

  • Giving out personal credit card details can be dangerous.  (Many people fear of fraud, since this is after all 21 century.)
  • Shipping cost and time (If you are regular estore visitor you are already familiar just how many cool items you wish are like 0.99$, but then when re-check, the shipping cost is 10$. This is just fishy tricks some stores are using.So wehn surfing be sure to always check the shipping price (or you can use search tool and click so you are only shown items with free shipping (which is so awesome)) The other thing that is catchy is shipping time (which depends on where you are living, but for ex. on eBay is usually never earlier then 10 days (talking about free shipping here))
  • Refounds? (thank God i haven’t had the experience, but varying from your seller, this could be trouble)
  • You must trust the seller (or his photo talents lol ) (Since we cannot really see how does the item look, we are forced to believe that item is well as described (Thanks God for reviews, right?:) )
  • Turning into a online shopaholic lol
That’s about it! If you wish too see some more of my items i bought, see the images below:) Thanks, hope you had an amazing weekend y’all! xo :)
(Item bought : My Bottle bottle )

(Item bought : Hollywood Keychain )

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