Aug 20, 2015

Pharmacy equals Business?!

So as i told You in previous post, i scheduled an appointment. Well it appears not so much. There’s this company i guess that is doing alternative medicine, and they are the ones that came to our community center. They randomly invited people through post mail and calls, and invite was +1. So my godmother brought me.. And all I thought was I was going on for an quick exam, but boy I was wrong.

We arrived there at 8 in the morning. They first thing they did was use the oximeter and then one by one we grabbed one thing and hold it for 1 minute, and that was it. After everyone finished, they told us the schedule (which to be fair was in post invite people got), and i found out i will need to wait until 13 aka 1pm to find out my results! Like wuuuut? 

Then i found out result paper will be awesome, meaning they will show so many things, and decided to say and listen what they have to say in the meantime. They were talking about how they are doing alternative medicine, that pharmacy is one big business, the richest of all.. TBH i already knew all those things, they kept talking they will show us the way to treat our self without taking medicines(drugs).. So after lecturing us about 3 hours about healthy life, showing us what burned medicine looks like in our body (it’s really horrible and sticky by the way), we finally got to see the reason we were there.

They were selling their own product, which is something like pulsing electromagnetic table field or something. Not quite sure how to spell it on english. They said it was from United Kingdom, so maybe when i dig some deeper on internet i can find out the exact thing.
So they gave this extreme sales just for that day, just for us who listened to them for 5 hours, but mostly no one had the money (cause even with the sale, it was still super expensive) to buy it anyways, so i'm not sure if anyone even bought it.

Honestly, i agreed with almost everything they say. I especially love this comparison they made.
Look at dentist. What’s his job? Is he giving you medicine and telling you to use for 3 few weeks and come for check up? No, he digs in (literally lol) and searches for problem. After he finds it, he treats it, varying of course what the problems is, and eventually indeed he pools it out, nah? 
While here with medicine we have bunch of pills, syrups, and stuff, that you use for a while, and then after sometime you get sick again, and again, which mostly they say occurs from the side affects of the medicine. And trust me, I’ve tasted the side effects on my skin (literally, again lol). I have had allergy attack years ago, so they gave me this injection shot, on which i was somehow allergic too, so i got the side effects and even ended up in hospital.Yup.They released me on December 31, so i could celebrate New Years Eve (will never forget that), even tho i should have stayed for weekend, but well, nice people :) 

And the fact that there has been found some ways of treating diseases like cancer, it’s illegal. Because Pharmacy that way wouldn’t earn money. And i believe in that.

I mean i don’t blame people who work in medicine, to be fair. They are only doing what they love, what they have been studying for years, and years, their job... And of course, we should all be grateful to have all these incredible people and doctors who're saving lives as I type this probably ... but, still, just there's something off. 

My conclusion after today is : I will definitely try not to take medicines every time my head hurts for just a bit any more, and use them only when really needed.

My advice:  Do the same, and just drink liters of water, eat fruits, vegetables and just try healthier life at least for 1 month. Maybe you'll like it, who knows? :)

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any thoughts or experience about this subject, I’ll be pleased to hear all about it. 

Have a nice day all of you, xo

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