Aug 10, 2015

Horseriding finally! ♥

After years of imagining, finally i’ve got to sit on this beautiful majestic creature. :)

We actually went to that ranch about 10am, but the woman there told us to come in the noon, ‘cause it was too hot for horses to be ridden at that time.. After that we went to our cafe where my sister was working, got few drinks and then went for breakfast in local bakery..
 So when 18h (6pm) finally ticked we were on our way to ranch.. We had to wait for our horse to be prepared.. In the meantime we’ve got to meet people who’s ranch that was, they were all so great and friendly.. Woman who is charge of everything was actually riding since she was 13 years old.. now she’s 50, so yeah, that’s amazing. And of course she still rides.
She has few kids who come every summer there to study horses and learn how to ride.. SInce of course my friend and I never before rided, we needed someone to control the horse, just for case. She let her student to that, who is 13 years old, and has been on her ranch every summer for 4-5 years.. He’s there with his little brother, and beside them on ranch was 2more girls.. One girl actually broke her leg when riding skate board, so she won’t be able to ride for 1month aprox. I haven’t had asked that small girl for age, but she doesn’t look any older then 10, and wow, the work she’s doing.Along with the boys they are all helping with cleaning the stables, along with the horses.We were there when they were cleaning the biggest horse, and i was in shock with how freely they all do those stuff.. I asked that 13year old, why he has decided to ride, and he said he has always loved the horses, and has full room of posters of them :) It’s so beautiful when such small people have passion for something, and we should all look up to children sometimes, and we should never underestimate them! I mean they took horses legs and cleaned horseshoes lol
Anywhoo, riding was a lot of fun, and even tho i wasnt the one who controlled the horse, it was kinda hard. You see, that woman told me that i needed to sit ful straight, and the hold my feet up, which seemed very important rule :D
I guess i’ve wrote less about actauly horse riding and more of kids life lol But i found it very interesting so thought you would like the story too:)

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