Aug 12, 2015

‘Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead!?

Like imarleneking​ for real? I mean okay, you connected many dots, but as half of rest of the world, I am not satisfied.. They are so many things left unanswered, and left us all confused..
 First of all the biggest confusion of all : THE AGE!

This is just plain dumb, i’m sorry.. I know it’s a tv show, and anything can happen in it, i mean after all didn’t ya all forgot that a seer  saved Alison.. But we went over that fact, just because we love the show you know, but c’mon, aging is something we all understand very well.. To be honest, i did not get this conclusion before i saw it on the internet, so i guess imarleneking just forgot about it, or have had putten a blind fold lol Then again, maybe it is all part of a even bigger plan (i would rather satsify with this over new Big -A take over)
Then again there’s this Lucy's tweet

So again more mystery, it’s just not fair people, I’m starting collage this year LOL 
So there are many, many more of unanswered question, and thank to this doll's (lol) instagram account, i didn’t need to write it all down :D

Honestly i need to know why did Jenna disappear (except she got pregnant in real life i think lol) AND why was Shana EVER involved as said? They put her only so Aria could kill her? I don’t think so.. I do not believe anymore to imarleneking that she had knew from the start who -A was, since CeCe was never even at Episode 1, Plot, and ONLY REAL CLUE they ever gave us was that one..
I would honestly much more like if they sticked to books, that CeCe was Alison's twin sister, because i am really not feeling this whole transformation thing, i don’t have anything against those people, but it feels kinda of forced and out of nowhere.. Maybe it would be better if she was like always a girl, but she just had that hair short cut at the time we saw video and Charlie could have easily been a girls name, so that would a huge plot twist!
Orrr.. i just played the official theme song for the show, And i think that even if CeCe was Jason's twin, that she has confessed to Alison at one point, and because Ali couldn’t keep a secret, she had to be dead, at least fake dead you know.. And that’s when it all started.. I don’t know but i sure know there could have been much more intriguing plot twist to all of this..

For now i guess we have to wait until Winter, aka season 6b to come lol I’ll post few funny pictures from internet i found, do not know the sources (they are all over, so thanks who ever made them lol) Feel free to comment your reactions and comment on my newest theory lol
Thanks for reading, xx

oh and p.s. WHAT IS SARAH’s ROLE IN ALL OF THIS? She just magically decided to disappear from her town and help CeCE, REALLY prettylittleliars ? :D

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