Aug 19, 2015

Cafe DonCafe gift + Scheduled Doctor appointment

Hello my dearest reader (s?) lol 
Just wanted to show of my awesome t-shirt i got as gift from Cafe DontCafe for participating in their online Instagram project:) 

The project itself has few names, and one of them is Espresso Yourself” which is super cool, right? :) If you are visiting Belgrade, Serbia (and did not read my earlier post) you should definitely visit Usce Shopping Center. And when you are ready for awesome coffee, go to Cafe Doncafe (2nd floor) and take a shot to be a part of the project!:) 

Now quick update on my health problems, i’ve have scheduled my appointment for tomorrow. It’s actually a (professional) free medical checkup at local community. I am not afraid yet, but i trust myself i’ll be dying tomorrow lol I’m hoping it’s not anything dangerous and not even allergic-asthma as i suspect, since just my regular allergy is making me a whole lot of troubles itself.. 
So stay tuned for news and thanks for reading.

Have a lovely rest of the day! xo

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