Aug 13, 2015

Belgrade calling

Since friends we haven’t travelled anywhere this summer, we decided to go on and explore as much cities as possible inbound. First stop, Belgrade. Our primary thing was to visit Cafe Doncafe in Usce Shopping Center. I found out they are having this sort of let’s say competitive project, where you take a nice photo in their place, and you could weekly earn some sweet prizes, and eventually, few persons by month gets elevated and their photo is made into a  postcards, which are later to be found everywhere in their cafe. This is something i found amazing, since i’ve started to get this passion for photography, maybe a year ago i would say, when i explored vsco or should I say vscocam app, and i’ve met so many cool new people there, but maybe one day I’ll write post about that, now let’s get to the story lol

  • On first photo you can see beautiful cappuccino, that is trust me to die for! Also, the place looks amazing, the interior is beautiful, and oh my the view from the backside of the Cafe Doncafe is breathtaking! If You ever come to Belgrade, Serbia, you probably will visit this huge mall, so be sure to check this Cafe out! They are on second floor of the mall:)
    If you wish to learn a little more about them, check out their Official Web Presentation. :)
  • Second photo is me holding printed post card from one of the participants in the project. Her name is Aleksandra Vuckovic, and you can visit her Blog or her beautiful Instagram Page  too see more of her work.
Now let’s talk about Beton Hall! The beautiful place, maybe 15 minutes of walking from Usce Shopping Center. It’s one the coolest spots in Belgrade known as one of the best walking spots too. It’s close to our river Sava and its also nice place if you are a fan of walking side by shore ... well it definitely gives me those vibes. :)

So this would be about it, below this text you can see few photos of this beautiful place, as well as my OOTD. 

Now going on for drinks with friends, we have so much to catch up too lol 

Have a nice day, xo

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